Marketing Mondays: Zenia Ship on FreeToastHost

A “don’t miss” Marketing Mondays with Zenia Shipp where you’ll learn to pull all the tips from previous sessions together to create a compelling club site using FreeToastHost.

Marketing Mondays: Club Marketing Guides

Join the February 27th virtual Marketing Monday session from 8 PM to 8:30 PM to help your club’s marketing efforts, add new members, and set them up for success on their Toastmasters journey! In this helpful 30-minute Marketing Monday session we will share over 40 marketing materials including handouts, templates, and […]

Congratulations, Get to Know Me Tag Winners!

Everyone who participated is a winner; their club now has a great way to reach potential new members. These videos look so inviting on the home page of a club’s own website. Visit these clubs and see how they’re showcasing members and encouraging people to join the fun of Toastmasters!

Prioritize Member Retention

The topic at tonight’s Marketing Monday is Prioritize Retention and its importance to the long-term success of your Toastmasters club. Ensure that more of your members are renewing; attend Marketing Mondays tonight.


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