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Pathways features online learning, cutting-edge content, interactive tools, strong mentoring, and evaluation components, and a multitude of options. Exciting learning paths include Motivational Strategies, Presentation Mastery, and Effective Coaching. In Pathways, members can learn nearly 300 competencies—practical skills that are transferable to the world outside Toastmasters.

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The leadership tool kit enables leaders, at all levels, easy access to various resources needed to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.

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This column will provide leadership advice and inspiration to help you become a more successful Toastmaster leader because every good leader knows that leadership is a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured.

Maximizing Success: Strategies for the Last 90 Days of Toastmasters’ Term

By Angela Tornes, DTM, 2015-2016 D43 Director | April 2024

Approaching the final stretch of any endeavor, including the end of a Toastmasters term, June 30, 2024, can be exciting and an opportunity to finish strong.  As Toastmasters leaders the last 90 days present a critical opportunity to solidify your achievements and leave a lasting impact.  Let’s explore some strategies to maximize success during this vital period and ensure a Distinguished finish.

What’s Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

By Andrea Tantillo, DTM, PRM | March 2024

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times – get out of your comfort zone! Why in the world would I want to do that? I’m comfortable there. 

I’m safe in my comfort zone. I have my routine, and I know where everything is and what’s going to happen. Why would I ever want to leave that place?

Where Are You?

By Martha Elias, DTM | February 2024

Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish so far this Toastmasters year? If you are a fairly new toastmaster, did you complete at least one Level in Pathways? Or, as a seasoned member did you lay the groundwork to achieving your Distinguished Toastmaster award? Having clearly established goals aids tremendously in the process of achieving those goals.  Do not forget to have “SMART” goals.  Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Serve from the Overflow

By Sheryle H. Warren, DTM, PDDD | December 2023

Diane, a two-time District Director (DD), showed up to mid-year training with her Dynamic Duo, her Program Quality Director (PQD), and her Club Growth Director (CGD) in tow.  Diane and her team took their Mid-Year prework assignments seriously, completing every single one before mid-year training. 

Mastering the Art of Listening

By Andrea Tantillo, DTM, PRM | November 2023

In a culture that focuses on speaking, it’s easy to forget the important role listening plays in good communication and effective leadership. The ability to listen attentively is an essential leadership and communication skill that is tied to our personal growth and is cultivated in Toastmasters.

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A Little Advice, Support Goes a Long Way

By Kathy Kest, DTM, PDD | August 2023

Taking the first step in Toastmasters can be easier with support.  Check this article out for the details.
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Club Officer Monthly Checklist

The club officer checklist, available in English and Spanish, shows monthly duties, responsibilities, and activities by role. Officers should refer to the Club Leadership Handbook for more details.



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