Speech Contests

Speech Contests

Speech contests are a vital part of Toastmasters’ educational program.  They provide an opportunity for Toastmasters to gain speaking experience, as well as an opportunity for other Toastmasters to learn by observing proficient speakers.

Each year, more than 30,000 Toastmasters compete in the Humorous, Evaluation, Tall Tales, and International speech contests.   Competition begins with club contests, and winners continue competing through the Area, Division and District levels. Winners of the District level International Speech Contest proceed to the region quarterfinal level.  Following region quarterfinals, winners advance to the semifinals for a chance to take part in the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Speech contests are governed by rules and standard procedures issued annually by Toastmasters International.  These instructions are distributed via the Speech Contest Rulebook that contains General Rules, Contest Checklists and Additional Resources.

The International Contest is held annually and must be conducted in English only.  In addition, the following contests may be held at the discretion of each District:

  • Evaluation Contest – contestants present a 2-3 minute evaluation of a 5-7 minute test speech
  • Humorous Speech Contest – contestants present a humorous speech that must be thematic in nature (opening , body, and close), not a monologue (series of one-liners)
  • Table Topics Contest – an impromptu speech, all contestants are assigned the same topic, told to them when they are introduced by the contest chair
  • Tall Tales Contest – contestants present a speech on a topic that is highly-exaggerated and improbable in theme or plot
  • Video Speech Contest – prior to COVID 19, limited to members of un-districted clubs, including territorial councils and provisional districts. No other contest types, showcases, etc., can be conducted by Districts (including Areas and Divisions)

For the 2023-2024 Toastmasters year,  District 56 will also hold Tall Tale contests.   The District 56 contests will be held in a hybrid format. Area and Division contests will be online or hybrid. Check with your Division Director or Area Director or the District 56 Calendar for details of when and where the contests will be held.  Be sure to reference the following resources to answer all your contest questions:

Contests originate at the Club level and then progress to Area, Division and District. Districts (including Areas and Divisions) may conduct up to three additional English speech contests each year. Likewise, they may also conduct up to four non-English speech contests each year.

District 56 Speech Contest Results

District International Speech Contests
Year1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2023-2024Justin WilliamsTracy WalkerCheryl Bradford
2022-2023Zach NewtonKat ClemonsTracy Walker
2021-2022Kent BiggsDanyell WilliamsRobert Kleeman
2020-2021Samantha SmithAshley OrlandoTimothy Stroud
2019-2020Akili Atkinson Kent Biggs Kat Clemons 
2018-2019Deepak SharmaYura IginiamreKamal Sanders
2017-2018Ramona Smith Danielle HardinEddie Merla
2016-2017Yolanda BynumKurtis LukerDanielle Hardin 
2015-2016Yolanda BynumNipun KakkarKamal Sanders 
2014-2015Darryl SimmsWilliam BergfeldDanielle Hardin
2013-2014Kelly SargeantYolanda BynumKamal Sanders
2012-2013Donna StevensonKelly Sargeant Tania Turner
2011-2012Yolanda BynumNick Barrera Shevonne Hemphill
2010-2011Samantha Santa-MariaKelly SargeantAparna Verma
2009-2010Michael WilliamsScott R. AdamsBill Murray
2008-2009Michael Williams Scott R. AdamsBill Murray
2007-2008Scott R. Adams Yolanda BynumMichael Williams
2006-2007Jim HamiltonYolanda BynumScott R. Adams
2005-2006Jim LindenfeldScott R. AdamsReginald Pittman
2004-2005Scott R. AdamsBill MurrayJatika Manigault
2003-2004Wyatt DiVall Steve BoydstonRichard Kummins
2002-2003Michael PlaksCharles EnglandCindy Porterfield
2001-2002Mike BarberSteve BoydstonUnknown
1999-2000Brian Stephenson UnknownUnknown
1998-1999Gladys Hagan Sherry PiezonRebecca Wilson 
1997-1998Bill Murray Richard McWhortweeJohn Moon 
1996-1997Ken DavisUnknownUnknown
1991-1992Michael HolmanJim Mc CartyAl Domangue
1990-1991Tom Carter David BellFrances Pina
1989-1990David Brooks Willie TrejoStan Grabowski
1988-1989Jim WalshUnknownUnknown
1987-1988Marc SchwarzJanice WaddyBeth Lambert
District Spanish International Speech Showcases
Year1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2023-2024Marisol PérezSara Esther HernándezEnrique Lara
2021-2022Veronica BetancourtAngel CarmonaNot Applicable
District Evaluation Contests
Year1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2023-2024Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2022-2023Catherine MukesEddie MerlaNandini Kurup
2021-2022Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2020-2021Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2019-2020Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2018-2019Jim LindenfeldDeepak SharmaKelly Dempsey
2017-2018David Savage Alli WilliamsThomas Rush
2016-2017Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2015-2016Zach NewtonAnthony AllyRashid Kapadia
2014-2015Cliff PetersonRashid KapadiaDavid Savage
2013-2014Lois VothAshish SoudhammaEddie Merla 
2012-2013Matt MoreyDuan Kevin SimmonsKarl Pohle
2011-2012Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2010-2011Jordan Winterfeld Vicki ClakleyVicki Clakley
2009-2010Thomas McCaffreyJames CampbellLouis Cioletti 
2008-2009Burton French Douglas RankinLois Voth
2007-2008Lois VothDouglas Rankin Kenneth Jurek
2006-2007Eric FrostBetty McComasLarry Haug
2005-2006Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2004-2005Scott R. AdamsMark S. NemethJohn Martin
2003-2004Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2002-2003Barbara ShareefUnknownUnknown
2001-2002Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2000-2001James WootenUnknownUnknown
1998-1999Larry HaugDeborah Sargeant Jeff Riggs
1997-1998Patrick RyanRichard KumminsLarry Haug
1991-1992Kirk JohnsonChristina GarrisonTony DeLeza
1990-1991Alan GriffinMike O’KentChuck Hinkle
1989-1990Ann Wuori Amy GroblewskiLivingston Kumassah
1987-1988Larry WaddyRichard RedanoJohn Kerrigan
District Humorous Contests
Year1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2023-2024Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2022-2023Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2021-2022Johna HillMike ShortCurtis King
2020-2021Elly HardKatashia P. KendrickJohnrich Levine
2019-2020Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2018-2019Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2017-2018Johnathan StarneyDaniel GuerraDoris Brooks
2016-2017Jerone LeeAndy PaultanisCurtis McLemore
2015-2016Delia PerezDorothy Hudson-JenkinsBrian Olson
2014-2015Ritesh ChhabraBurton FrenchBrad Peck
2013-2014Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2012-2013Vijaianand ThirnageswaramShevonne Hemphill Stephen Long
2011-2012Robert KissnerMark Streich Michael Bland
2010-2011Allen PrescottLois VothEddie Merla
2009-2010Yolanda Bynum Robert KissnerMichael Plaks
2008-2009Calvin Blair Deborah CerkovnikDorothy Visosky
2007-2008Robert KissnerDorothyVisoskyRandy Stubenrouch
2006-2007Jay StricklandNick BarreraYolanda Bynum
2005-2006Nick Barrera Bill MurrayJim Hamilton
2004-2005Michael PlaksJim Hamilton Bill Murray
2003-2004Candy Baltazar Michael PlaksJim Fereday
2002-2003Cindy PorterfieldJoaquin PericasMark S. Nemeth
2001-2002Betsy WhiteheadMark FarrenSharyne L. Johnson
2000-2001Elly HardUnknownUnknown
1999-2000UnknownKay PetersonUnknown
1998-1999Carmen ReznikQueen Ester MartinJeff M. Blackman
1997-1998Michael FortnerUnknownUnknown
1996-1997Luisa MontalvoWilbur HardyThomas Saulsberry
1995-1996Ahmos B. ZuBltonUnknownScott A. Holman
1990-1991Jim McDanielEdward C MatthewsAl Domanque
1989-1990David EverettFrank Gonzales Ben Plummer
1988-1989David Brooks UnknownUnknown
1987-1988David BrooksUnknownUnknown
District Table Topic Contests
Year1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2023-2024Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2022-2023Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2021-2022Michael AndradeCatherine MukesEnna Amedome
2020-2021Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2019-2020Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2018-2019Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2017-2018Kim StengelDorothy Hudson-JenkinsRamona Smith
2016-2017Charles SamuelsRod White Joseph Rogero
2015-2016Rashid Kapadia Christina Brengel Fabrice Bouchereau 
2014-2015Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2013-2014Richard Zamecki Matt Morey Archie Webster 
2012-2013Charles Samuels Tim DeRosaNatalee Bailey
2011-2012Aparna Verma Valerie VogtJeff Munro 
2010-2011Jim HarringtonChris LoomisMary Scaggs
2009-2010Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2008-2009Tim DeRosaRick TrenholmeDeborah Cerkovnik
2007-2008James HamiltonArchie Faye WebsterOla Joseph
2006-2007Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2005-2006Tina TateBill MurrayJaime Flores
2004-2005Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2003-2004Lynne Lane Bryant Steve GartrellDoris Brooks
2001-2002Doris Brooks Mark BarberUnknown
1999-2000Scott A. HolmanUnknownUnknown
1998-1999Will McQueenGilford KilberEvelyn Kohlbrecher
1997-1998Ferol BeerUnknownUnknown
1996-1997Michael HickToni ClaySandra Morrison-O’Donohue
1995-1996UnknownUnknownLarry Haug
1991-1992UnknownUnknownLarry Haug
1990-1991Bruce Atkins Livingstone KumassahJim Beckman
1989-1990Livingston KumassahJohn CourageConstance Phillips 
1987-1988Doug MastersUnknownUnknown
District Tall Tales Contests
Year1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2023-2024Yolanda PaigeJim LindenfeldRobert Kleeman
2022-2023Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2021-2022Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2020-2021Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2019-2020Harrison FletcherEric SnowderElly Hard
2018-2019Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2017-2018Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2016-2017Bing LiLisa AlexisChristy Williams
2015-2016Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2014-2015Byron TaylorDorothy VisoskyTimothy Rojas
2013-2014Dorothy VisoskyBing Li Rick Bogue
2012-2013Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2011-2012Robert KissnerDorothy VisoskyKelly Sargeant
2010-2011Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2009-2010Robert KissnerBill Murray Dennis Fanning 
2008-2009Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2007-2008Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2006-2007Elly HardCharles Burton FrenchKay Smitherman
2005-2006Yolanda BynumPatty Mayeux Aaron Folse
2004-2005Peyman Momeni Jay StricklandPaul Ralph
2003-2004Michael PlaksJay StricklandTina Tate
2002-2003Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
2001-2002Todd McCoyElly HardScott A. Holman
2000-2001Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1999-2000Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1998-1999Ron JavierUnknownUnknown
1997-1998Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1996-1997Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1995-1996Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1994-1995Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1993-1994Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1992-1993Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1991-1992Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1990-1991Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1989-1990Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1988-1989Not HeldNot HeldNot Held
1987-1988Jim NicholsUnknownUnknown

World Champion of Public Speaking Results

The complete list of World Champions of Public Speaking, since 1938, may be downloaded here.



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