What is a Club Mentor?

A Club Mentor is an appointed advisor for a newly formed club.

Club Mentor Summary

Members joined Toastmasters to become more effective communicators and leaders. They stay in Toastmasters because the club provides a valuable service and meets their individual needs. The Club Quality Chair focuses on establishing a Club Mentor committee to provide this service through the Club Mentor program. Under the direction of the Club Growth Director and Club Extension Chair, the Club Quality Chair identifies, trains, and provides guidance to all Club Mentors.  

Club Mentors are the advisors and tutors for new clubs and have a great effect on the degree to which a new club succeeds. In addition to providing mentors to the club, the committee arranges Club Mentor credit opportunities for members who seek it.

The Club Mentor Committee:

  • Recruits and assign Club Mentors to the newly chartered clubs in the district
  • Understands and facilitates Club Mentor training; refine the curriculum and assist mentors with their responsibilities to ensure they serve their clubs effectively
  • Ensures Club Mentors receive club mentoring credit from Toastmasters International

Who can be a Club Mentor?

An experienced Toastmaster in good standing who provides guidance to a new club for a minimum of six months after its charter date. Each new club may have up to two mentors as appointed by the District Director or Club Growth Director.

What is the Time Commitment for Club Mentor?

The assignment term is no less than 6 months to a year as the mentor is expected to ensure the club is self- sufficient.

When is a Club Mentor assigned?

Sponsors pass the baton of support and development of the new club to the mentors, after their responsibilities as sponsors are complete. The District Directors or Club Growth Directors can submit mentors’ names by emailing [email protected] no later than 60 days from the charter date.

Why would I Serve as a Club Mentor?

New clubs are not the only beneficiaries of the mentoring relationship. Mentoring allows you to:

  • Share your expertise
  • Develop your capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions
  • Prove yourself as a valuable leader
  • Invest in the future of Toastmasters
  • Obtain fresh perspectives
  • Build teamwork skills
  • Apply leadership skills in new situations
  • Earn credit toward the path to Distinguished Toastmaster award​

Where can I find Additional Training Material for being a Club Mentor?

Toastmasters International provides the manual New Club Mentoring Matters.
They also provide the following programming materials which are excellent tools to further incorporate a new club into the Toastmaster culture:

How do I get Credit for being a Club Mentor?

Mentors and a charter officer sign and return the Get Credit form to World Headquarters (WHQ) after mentors have completed a minimum of six months of service. It is expected before credit is given, the club has been given all the guidance and tools needed to be a quality, substantial club, including but not limited to, a minimum of 12 members and working towards distinguished club goals. 

In Pathways, you submit the new club name, new club number and date chartered on your DTM award application.

The Vice-President Education will approve DTM award applications. This award is then forwarded to World Headquarters for you to receive credit towards your Distinguished Toastmaster accolade.

Club Quality Chair Contact Info

Club Sponsor, Club Mentor, and Club Coach Volunteer Request Form​



A Club Sponsor is appointed to help get a new club through the chartering process.



A Club Coach establishes a rapport with an existing club facing challenges prior to becoming their advisor.



A Speechcraft is a great opportunity to introduce the fundamentals of public speaking to non-members under the age of 18.


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