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Finding a District 56 club is now easier than ever!

To find a District 56 club by its name, click the "Search" text box and start typing the club name. To find a club by city or zip code, click the "Enter a location" text box and enter city or zip code. To find a club by area, click the down arrow of the "Select a category" text box and select the desired area. Toggle your view options by clicking the "List", "Grid" or "Map" text box.

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Finding District 56 club times that meet your schedule are right here!

There are 2 toggle options available: “Frequency” and “Time of Day”. Toggle to view the club time that is right for you.

If a club does not display frequency, it meets weekly.

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If you've recently chartered and would like to make it easier for potential members to find you or simply need to submit an update to your existing listing, you can fill out the below form. Depending upon demand, club updates can take 5-7 days to process. We appreciate your understanding.



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