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What is Youth Leadership Program (YLP)?

A Youth Leadership Program is a workshop for those under the age of 18 to develop their communication and leadership skills.

Youth Leadership at a Glance

Empowering our youth is a cornerstone to building our budding future leaders. This unique eight session (1-2 hours) program enables participants to develop their potential through practical experience. Just about 24 hours of your time can have a powerful impact on the participants’ confidence, in addition to their communication and leadership skills.

The sessions have the elements of a typical Toastmaster meeting with an agenda, prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, and evaluations as well as curriculum content. Typically, there are 10-20 participants in a program to allow for meaningful interaction and growth. Toastmasters International caps the number at 25 participants per program.

Critical skill and content building include evaluation of present speaking ability, discussion and exercise in chairmanship principles, presentation of speeches, impromptu speeches, group evaluation, discussion of speech organization, discussion and practice in listening, gestures in speaking, and voice and vocabulary. The theme of the final session is a Show your Skills “graduation” where parents and other stakeholders can celebrate the participants’ progress and presentation of certificates.

Who Sponsors a Youth Leadership Program?

An established Toastmaster Club sponsors the YLP by providing the educational materials and facilitation support for the program. A Toastmaster in good standing coordinates the program. Experience with Youth Leadership Programs leads us to recommend that the coordinator have completed 6 speeches and is able to lead a team to assist in program execution. There is no fee to the participants.

What is the Time Commitment for a Youth Leadership Program?

Total time commitment for a YLP averages about 24 hours which includes preparation and execution time. Each session is usually 1-2 hours in duration depending on the group. Active interactions for the eight sessions could be between 8-16 hours. Allocate at least an hour preparation time per session to include familiarization with materials, presentation planning, agenda and logistics for a total of at least 8 hours.

When is a Youth Leadership Program Held?

The program can be held in or out of the school setting or hours. Many are conducted on evenings or weekends so as not to compete with school courses or other youth projects.

Why would I Conduct a Youth Leadership Program?

As a Toastmaster you are the poster child for the incredible benefits of the program and the impact it has on our personal and professional lives. What if you had been able to develop your confidence, communication and leadership skills earlier in life? How would that have influenced who you are today? You have the opportunity to make an indelible impact in the lives and future of our youth, especially those in disadvantaged or marginalized communities, just by sharing a combined 24 hours of your time.

Where can I find Training Material for Conducting a Youth Leadership Program?

The Toastmasters International site has the essential materials needed to conduct the program.

Youth Leadership Packet contains Coordinator guide/certificate, 5 participant workbooks/certificates, and 25 speech evaluation forms.

You can also reach out to those in your district who have conducted a YLP or visit an ongoing program to see it in action. Research online as many in the Toastmasters family that may have content posted, including YouTube videos of “how to” and resources.

How do I get Credit for Conducting a Youth Leadership Program?

In Pathways,  you submit the workshop name and date presented on the Distinguished Toastmaster award application.

The Vice-President Education will provide initial approval for your Youth Leadership project.  Once you have completed your project  and are ready to submit your Distinguish Toastmaster award application, the Vice-President Education will sign the award application.  The award is then forwarded to World Headquarters for you to receive credit towards your Distinguished Toastmaster accolade.



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