What is a Club Sponsor?

A Club Sponsor is appointed to help get a new club through the chartering process.

Club Sponsor at a Glance

Under the direction of the Club Growth Director and Club Extension Chair, the Club Sponsor Chair identifies, trains, and provides guidance to all Club Sponsors. The Club Sponsor works with a prospective club from the date of assignment until the club is chartered and having regular meetings. Ideally the assignment takes place shortly after the Club Growth Director starts having serious discussions about a new club and before a sample, introductory Toastmaster “Demo” meeting takes place for the prospective club.

The Club Sponsor will be the bridge between the future members and officers of the new club and Toastmasters International and District 56. The Club Sponsor helps the new club members understand what starting a new club entails and identifies resources to help them accomplish. The Club Sponsor will eventually prepare the paperwork necessary to charter a new club and oversee the Charter Ceremony.

The Club Sponsor’s official role ends with the chartering of the new club and the handover to one or more Club Mentors, although the sponsor may wish to maintain contact with the new club.

Who can be a Club Sponsor?

Any experienced Toastmaster who has leadership skills, a passion for Toastmasters, and dedication to helping a new club take flight.

What is the Time Commitment for Club Sponsor?

  • Participate in the Demo meeting with the rest of the Club Growth Director’s team
  • Meet with, either in person or remotely, with the individuals trying to get a club started
  • Keep the Club Growth Director informed about the progress toward getting the club chartered
  • Attend the organizational meetings with the interested parties
  • Prepare the paperwork required to charter a new club
  • Attend the first several meetings of the new club and offer encouragement and suggestions

When is a Club Sponsor Assigned?

As early as possible, ideally shortly after a new group becomes a serious candidate for chartering.

Why would I Serve as a Club Sponsor?

As a Club Sponsor, you benefit from:

  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Develop project-management abilities
  • Expand marketing expertise
  • Get in at the start of something exciting
  • Get credit towards your Distinguished Toastmaster accolade

Where can I find Additional Training Material for being a Club Sponsor?

See the following resources to get started:

Daily Reports – View information about prospective clubs in your district.

New Clubs FAQ – View sponsor and mentor questions.

Start a New Club – Request more information or submit an Application to Organize online.

New Club Resources – Review the essential materials for club officers and club meetings to help you build a high-quality meeting.

How do I get Credit for being a Club Sponsor?

Each sponsor is emailed an acknowledgment form from Toastmasters World Headquarters (WHQ) shortly after the charter is issued. The club president and sponsor must sign the form then return it to WHQ for credit, either by mail, fax, or email. The sponsor then receives a certificate of award. 

In Pathways, you submit the new club name, new club number and date chartered on your DTM award application

The Vice-President Education will approve DTM award applications. This award is then forwarded to World Headquarters for you to receive credit towards your Distinguished Toastmaster accolade.

Club Sponsor Chair Contact Info

Club Sponsor, Club Mentor, and Club Coach Volunteer Request Form



A Club Mentor is an appointed advisor for a newly formed club.



A Club Coach establishes a rapport with an existing club facing challenges prior to becoming their advisor.



A Speechcraft is a great opportunity to introduce the fundamentals of public speaking to non-members under the age of 18.


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