district officer training

District Officer Training

A critical element to creating a successful district is providing effective training for its leaders. Without properly trained leaders at every level, districts, and clubs, cannot meet members’ needs or introduce the benefits of Toastmasters to others. When District leaders are well-trained all members are better served leading to more positive member experiences which in turn leads to quality, sustainable clubs and increased member retention.

Training for Area and Division Directors will be conducted throughout the year and may also include other elected or appointed District leaders. These events are held at Division or District meetings, and sessions must focus on topics that support the achievement of the District and club mission. Below are the topics that are permitted:

  • Supporting all clubs in achieving excellence
  • Effective club visits
  • Techniques for creating new club opportunities and building new clubs
  • Success plan status review
  • Individual leadership development topics such as time management, conflict resolution, delegation, and leadership opportunities
  • Conducting effective Area and Division Council meetings to reinforce club support
  • Succession planning

To learn more, visit the District Events FAQ.

The initial District Leader Training for Area and Division Directors is designed to enable leaders to do the following:

  • Recount the roles of the area and division directors
  • Identify the members of the area and division councils and the ways the councils offer support to the area and division directors
  • Describe a team agreement and its benefits
  • Use team agreements to build trust and set expectations among team members
  • Apply the Five Principles of Motivation to foster teamwork and productivity in teams
  • Solve conflicts among team members using conflict-resolution techniques
  • Identify what is meant by club quality and a positive member experience
  • Examine how the Toastmasters education program, club leadership, and membership contribute to club quality and a
    positive member experience
  • Prepare for the club visit by building trust and gathering information
  • Practice building trust during club visits
  • Conduct an effective club visit
  • Use resources to find answers and propose solutions for club challenges
  • Describe the relationship between establishing new clubs and the Toastmasters and district missions
  • Identify district leader responsibilities for establishing new clubs
  • Recognize the network of support a district can establish to build clubs
  • Describe the club-building cycle
  • Identify opportunities for new clubs in the area or division
  • State the types of speech contests officially recognized by Toastmasters International
  • Explain how speech contests benefit contestants, the audience, and those who help conduct the contests
  • Prepare a speech contest with their teams
  • Solve speech contest challenges and answer questions using the Speech Contest Rulebook (Item 1171)
  • Describe how implementing Moments of Truth leads to club quality and a positive member experience
  • Define the roles of Area and Division Directors in the District Recognition Program
  • Describe the Distinguished Club Program
  • Identify the goals of the Distinguished Area and Distinguished Division programs
  • Describe the importance of club, area, and division success plans
  • Identify resources to find answers to questions about the District Recognition Program
    and Distinguished Club Program and to track progress in each


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club officer training

Trained club officers result in more satisfied members, more exciting club meetings, more new members, more Distinguished Clubs and more Distinguished Districts.



Toastmasters International prepared a series of Successful Clubs and Better Speaker presentations designed to give practical tips that would benefit all members.


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