Toastmasters Pathways

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Pathways Finder

Welcome to District 56’s unique and detailed Pathways Finder.  Our tool will help members and guests explore Toastmasters’ Pathways online learning curriculum, an exciting, flexible and interactive way to develop your communication and leadership skills.

Pathways gives you:

Explore the possible pathways in your journey of personal and professional development using the Pathways Finder.

Getting Started in Pathways

This member quick start guide is designed to help members get started and navigate through the basics. There are numerous Base Camp guides as well as Pathways tutorials and resources once you log into your Base Camp.

Access Pathways

1. Start Page:
2. Username: Your email
3. Password: Your password
4. Completion of two learning paths

a. If first time or can’t remember, click Forgot password?
b. Create your unique password

Choose Your Path

1. Click Continue to Path Selection 
2. Click Take Your Assessment from the Base Camp box
3. Select your language, then click Start 
4. Complete the assessment and order your path

Note: The cost of the first path is covered by your New Member Fee. Additional paths may be purchased for $20 each.  You will be offered three recommended paths based on your assessment.  Select from the recommendations or pick any of the other offered paths.  You’ll be able to access your path within 1 hour of placing your order.

Access Your Path

1. Click Go to Base Camp in the Access my path through Base Camp box
2. Click MyEducation Transcript
3. Click Open Curriculum next to your Path 
4. Click View Details next to Level 1

Launch Your First Project: The Ice Breaker

1. Access your path
2. Click Activate next to Icebreaker, then Launch (it will open in a new window)
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to review the material and prepare your speech
4. Schedule your speech with your club’s VP of Education
5. Print the project evaluation resource and bring to the meeting for your evaluator (email to evaluator for virtual meetings)

Complete Your Ice Breaker

1. Launch your Icebreaker
2. From the menu at the bottom, select Assess Your Skills – After
3. Complete the self-assessment
4. Click Activate or View Details to see other projects 

Note: This step must be done within any project in order to complete the project.  Your Club Base Camp manager (VPE, President or Secretary) will need to approve your Pathways completion request AND submit your education award in Club Central.

Base Camp

Base Camp is your online gateway to Pathways, where you will find everything you need on your journey. Members can work on projects, track your progress, connect with members of your club and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way. Base Camp also features resources to help guide you, including tutorials, videos, quizzes, interactive activities and more.

Base Camp Manager

For most clubs, the vice president education (VPE) will assume the role of Base Camp manager. The Base Camp manager helps facilitate your progress by verifying your education, approving requests and more. In the event that a VPE isn’t able to perform these duties, or if a club does not have a VPE, the Base Camp manager responsibilities will be fulfilled by the club president or club secretary. The central responsibilities of the Base Camp manager include:

1. Approving speeches outside the club
2. Verifying level completion
3. Tracking member progress
4. Verifying project completion for members using printed materials

Login as Base Camp Manager

1. Go to:
2. Username: Your email
3. Password: Your password
           a. If first time or can’t remember, click Forgot password?
           b. Create your unique password
4. Click on Login as Base Camp Manager.

Note: If a member who has completed their last project in a level does not appear in the list, they may not have completed the Assess Your Skills- After step. Contact the member and asked them to complete their self-assessment.

Submit Educational Award

1. Login at:
2. Select Club Central from the top menu Leadership Central drop down
3. Click on Submit Education Awards
4. Select the member’s name from the Select Member dropdown
5. Select the level completed from the Select Education Program dropdown
6. Click on Review award submission
7. Click on Submit Award

Note: Your name will not appear in the dropdown as you cannot submit your own award.  Another club officer must submit it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this page to address questions posed to the District 56 team that are not answered on the Toastmasters International Pathways FAQ.  Please send any additional questions and answers not addressed here or on the Toastmasters International page to [email protected].

There could be multiple reasons for this, including:

  • You have not done the completed the project’s Assess Your Skills – After self-assessment.
  • Your club’s Base Camp Manager hasn’t approved your level completion.
  • A club officer hasn’t submitted your educational award in Club Central.
  • You are a member of multiple clubs and your award was submitted by one of the other club’s officers.  If the award went to the wrong club, contact Toastmasters International Educational Services immediately to see if they can reassign it

When a member submits a level for approval, an email is automatically generated. The email goes to the email address listed under 
Club Contact and Meeting Information in Club Central. 

Host one-on-one sessions with new members to guide them through the curriculum.  Host Pathways education speeches for all members.  Attend club officer training for ways to increase general participation in the club. Build a positive club culture that supports change and learning.

Pathways does not require you to upload evaluations, or any documentation, to receive credit. However, it is a good practice. Evaluations are not attached directly to your project. Instead, they are added into your My Documents folder. Go to your Pathways profile (click Welcome, Your Name at the top of the page), under Go to Base Camp, choose your club name and click GO. The My Documents folder is located on the bottom right-hand side.

Only the President, Vice President Education, and Secretary have access to Basecamp Manager, and only in the club where they hold that role. On the main Pathways Learning Experience page (, when logging into Basecamp, you must select your club. Once you have selected a club where you hold one of those roles, the Base Camp Manager log-in button will appear.

YES,  a Toastmaster may receive credit for their club in various levels (i.e., Level 1, Level 2, etc.).   Your club receives credit for only one type of education award per member, per year. This encourages all members to progress in the education program, not just a few.

Example: Toastmaster Gogetter receives a Level 1 award in Presentation Mastery in July. Toastmaster Go-getter’s club receives credit toward a goal.  Later in the year, they earn Level 2 in Presentation Mastery. Their club receives credit toward a goal for this award too.  If the same Toastmaster earns a second Level 1 and Level 2 in another path, their club does not receive credit towards Distinguished Club goals.  Of course, if the Toastmaster belongs to multiple clubs, credit can be apply there. 

District 56 Pathways Educational Achievements Dashboard

Our Pathways Educational Achievements

In Pathways, you are recognized for every achievement and milestone you and your club reach.  Each members’ success is critical to the success of clubs, areas, divisions, and districts.

ClubDivisionAreaAwardDateMemberClub Name
3922610R64LDREXC8/27/2020Abdon, Cynthia StephanieC & F Leaders Club
1001993M31IP19/8/2020Abdon, Cynthia StephanieMaster Evaluators
3922610R64ALS9/10/2020Abdon, Cynthia StephanieC & F Leaders Club
3922610R64DTM9/10/2020Abdon, Cynthia StephanieC & F Leaders Club
1314186R65PM112/2/2020Adams, Brent DNorth Houston Project Management
1314186R65PM212/2/2020Adams, Brent DNorth Houston Project Management
5144515L44PI47/7/2020Adams, NicoleWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR12/23/2021Adams, NicoleWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR22/23/2021Adams, NicoleWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
3614557P4LD29/17/2020Adeniyan, SujiWest Pearland Toastmasters
4040124M34DL28/20/2020Adepoju, OlaSouthwest Project Management
2659L45LD58/3/2020Agha, Zafar1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
2659L45EH112/11/2020Agha, Zafar1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
5698Q54IP57/21/2020Aina, Titi Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54VC19/1/2020Aina, Titi Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54VC212/8/2020Aina, Titi Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54VC33/17/2021Aina, Titi Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
8607Q52MS39/16/2020Al Kakoun, BasmaTalking Bull Club
8607Q52MS49/24/2020Al Kakoun, BasmaTalking Bull Club
4040124M34LD19/14/2020ALBA, JORGE Southwest Project Management
694851R64DL29/24/2020Alcantar, JosePensadores de Houston
826937O14SR11/27/2021Alferez, Isabel GarciaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14IP43/11/2021Alferez, Isabel GarciaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14IP53/31/2021Alferez, Isabel GarciaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
6918L44PI27/15/2020Allen, JenniferWoodlands Toastmasters Club
4040124M34PI19/13/2020Ally, AnthonySouthwest Project Management
1903819M34PM110/6/2020Alvarado, Olga Sweet Talkers
1903819M34PM23/28/2021Alvarado, Olga Sweet Talkers
1620L40PM17/3/2020Alvarado-Rivera, AdrianaSilver Tongue Club
1620L40PM27/3/2020Alvarado-Rivera, AdrianaSilver Tongue Club
1620L40PM310/17/2020Alvarado-Rivera, AdrianaSilver Tongue Club
1620L40PM411/24/2020Alvarado-Rivera, AdrianaSilver Tongue Club
1620L40PM512/11/2020Alvarado-Rivera, AdrianaSilver Tongue Club
2051466L40DL110/20/2020Amer, QusaiAggie Toastmasters
2801067N25LD17/11/2020Andersen, Jan HagenVeritas Toastmasters
2760856L42PM28/26/2020Ankamah, Martin Slick Talkers
366Q50DL111/14/2020Anthony, Rosemary L.Wordcrafters Club
5769669N26LD110/21/2020Aquino, Edgar AspenTech Houston Toastmasters
681292L42PM211/11/2020Arend, JacobOutspoken Club
3041739N23EH59/22/2020Asam, Sai GowthamiBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
5616087M33DTM8/24/2020Asthana, AnuradhaAlchemy of Speech
1489448L45DL210/6/2020Atandeyi, Omobayode GbengaBig Red Toastmasters
1489448L45LDREXC10/8/2020Atandeyi, Omobayode GbengaBig Red Toastmasters
1489448L45ALS10/13/2020Atandeyi, Omobayode GbengaBig Red Toastmasters
1489448L45DTM10/16/2020Atandeyi, Omobayode GbengaBig Red Toastmasters
1489448L45DL31/22/2021Atandeyi, Omobayode GbengaBig Red Toastmasters
1175R60IP311/2/2020Athans, Zachary DanielHP Houston Toastmasters Club
3116P6IP28/25/2020Ayers, BrandonJSC Toastmasters Club
5157572N21PM111/6/2020Azhari, MounaTrue Blue Talkers
2521O13IP42/9/2021Bachand, Terri D.Firm Speakers Toastmasters Club
4908P3LD112/2/2020Baird, Darren ThomasBoeing Club
5769669N26EC43/12/2021Baker, LaraeAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
6659M31PM17/14/2020Balacchi, Patsy YUnity Toastmasters Club
6659M31PM27/14/2020Balacchi, Patsy YUnity Toastmasters Club
7846R62LD31/12/2021Ballow, Janis KaySpeakers Connection
2051466L40PM17/8/2020Baranwal, AkankshaAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PM210/1/2020Baranwal, AkankshaAggie Toastmasters
1507473O11VC110/2/2020Barker, Brian KennethAmerican General Toastmasters
5616089L42IP17/1/2020Barnett, JonettaTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42IP28/24/2020Barnett, JonettaTHE Tomball Toastmasters
4820345L43IP32/2/2021Barnett, JonettaMarket Street Toastmasters
5698Q54PM110/20/2020Barotto, YlinkaMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5144515L44IP47/7/2020Bassir, Feyisayo E.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44IP57/23/2020Bassir, Feyisayo E.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44DL19/24/2020Bassir, Feyisayo E.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44DL23/14/2021Bassir, Feyisayo E.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
7380393O12IP112/10/2020Bate, BateInclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
1526840P2PM19/22/2020Becker, George AnthonyPasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2PM212/15/2020Becker, George AnthonyPasadena Toastmasters
1696898O10TC38/26/2020Behmer, SandraCapgeti Toasties
5769311Q51EC17/7/2020Bell, David B.A+ Toastmasters
8607Q52TC111/5/2020Bell, David B.Talking Bull Club
9951O10EC212/17/2020Bell, David B.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
5831L41EC110/29/2020Bell, Jaclyn ErinSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41MS12/28/2021Bell, Jaclyn ErinSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41EC22/28/2021Bell, Jaclyn ErinSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
959307N25DL212/14/2020Beltran, Ray AlanWood Motivators Toastmasters Club
5616089L42VC27/1/2020Benvie, JimTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42VC38/5/2020Benvie, JimTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42VC48/19/2020Benvie, JimTHE Tomball Toastmasters
694851R64IP59/8/2020Benza P., TerePensadores de Houston
694851R64SR18/22/2020Benza, StephaniePensadores de Houston
959307N25IP112/11/2020Beran, Bibiana RocioWood Motivators Toastmasters Club
1356O14IP211/19/2020Bess, AmandaChevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
6043426R60PM19/4/2020Betancourt, Jose A.Pensadores Northwest
6043426R60MS59/4/2020Betancourt, Jose A.Pensadores Northwest
6043426R60PM212/2/2020Betancourt, Jose A.Pensadores Northwest
6043426R60DTM8/10/2020Betancourt, VeronicaPensadores Northwest
6043426R60MS29/4/2020Betancourt, VeronicaPensadores Northwest
799729N24PI212/5/2020Bevly III, Alex JamesMemorial City Toastmasters
8894M31IP27/6/2020Bhatnagar, Lorrine L.TACL Club
8894M31IP37/19/2020Bhatnagar, Lorrine L.TACL Club
7451614N23DL211/12/2020Bhatt, NirmeshPower Brokers
9511O13PM19/11/2020Bhatta, PoojaLunch Bunch Club
9511O13PM22/9/2021Bhatta, PoojaLunch Bunch Club
1175R60PI37/6/2020Biggs, Kent E.HP Houston Toastmasters Club
1175R60VC19/22/2020Biggs, Kent E.HP Houston Toastmasters Club
1175R60PI412/16/2020Biggs, Kent E.HP Houston Toastmasters Club
1175R60VC23/19/2021Biggs, Kent E.HP Houston Toastmasters Club
5769311Q51LD111/4/2020Black, Ywantia NicoleA+ Toastmasters
7755635O12EH11/5/2021Blakes, Tina LouiseCougar Rhetoric
1356O14LD110/12/2020Blaskowsky, Douglas W.Chevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
1356O14LD210/12/2020Blaskowsky, Douglas W.Chevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
1356O14LD310/12/2020Blaskowsky, Douglas W.Chevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
1356O14LD41/6/2021Blaskowsky, Douglas W.Chevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
6596925N26LD311/13/2020Blowers, Brian ScottPhillips 66 HQ Toastmasters Club
694851R64LD212/1/2020Bobadilla, Luz DaysiPensadores de Houston
6294M30EC27/1/2020Bonn, RichSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30EH11/31/2021Bonn, RichSugar Land Toastmasters
1314186R65EH312/2/2020Booker, JoyceNorth Houston Project Management
1314186R65EH412/2/2020Booker, JoyceNorth Houston Project Management
6659M31PM37/14/2020Bosell, Jo AnnUnity Toastmasters Club
6659M31PM47/14/2020Bosell, Jo AnnUnity Toastmasters Club
6659M31PM511/12/2020Bosell, Jo AnnUnity Toastmasters Club
694851R64PI311/27/2020Botero, Maria del RosarioPensadores de Houston
4659373Q54VC37/11/2020Boyd, Sally A.Spirited Speech Masters
4659373Q54VC47/30/2020Boyd, Sally A.Spirited Speech Masters
5509947N25PM39/9/2020Boyd, Sally A.Cane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5509947N25MS19/20/2020Boyd, Sally A.Cane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
4659373Q54EH112/10/2020Boyd, Sally A.Spirited Speech Masters
4659373Q54EH21/26/2021Boyd, Sally A.Spirited Speech Masters
5509947N25PM42/3/2021Boyd, Sally A.Cane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5509947N25MS23/17/2021Boyd, Sally A.Cane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
609083Q50PM47/22/2020Bradford, CherylDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM52/4/2021Bradford, CherylDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50EH12/4/2021Bradford, CherylDetermined To Master Speaking
5324194P6MS27/2/2020Bradford, GeveniaYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
5324194P6MS31/2/2021Bradford, GeveniaYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
4323237R62IP110/5/2020Brandley, CassieMcDermott McToasters
4323237R62IP210/5/2020Brandley, CassieMcDermott McToasters
4323237R62IP310/5/2020Brandley, CassieMcDermott McToasters
4323237R62IP410/5/2020Brandley, CassieMcDermott McToasters
4323237R62IP510/5/2020Brandley, CassieMcDermott McToasters
9951O10DL11/6/2021Brandley, CassieDining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL21/6/2021Brandley, CassieDining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL32/2/2021Brandley, CassieDining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL42/20/2021Brandley, CassieDining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL52/20/2021Brandley, CassieDining Out Toastmasters Club
2892L41SR18/29/2020Breskina, IlonaFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
8687L41PM13/23/2021Bridwell, Amy E.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41PM23/23/2021Bridwell, Amy E.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41PM33/23/2021Bridwell, Amy E.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41PM43/23/2021Bridwell, Amy E.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41PM53/23/2021Bridwell, Amy E.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41EH23/23/2021Bridwell, Amy E.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
5979638M30DL110/6/2020Briggs, Queen OwunariStafford Talking Titans
5979638M30DL210/6/2020Briggs, Queen OwunariStafford Talking Titans
3713711M30PM12/4/2021Brooks, Doris V.Liberated Toastmasters
3713711M30IP12/4/2021Brooks, Doris V.Liberated Toastmasters
3713711M30IP22/4/2021Brooks, Doris V.Liberated Toastmasters
2760856L42DL19/3/2020Brooks, Natalie P.Slick Talkers
2760856L42DL29/4/2020Brooks, Natalie P.Slick Talkers
7272027P2LD22/22/2021Broussard, Karen J.Covestro Toastmasters Baytown
4815729O11PM310/27/2020Brown-Kingsberry, YolandaFind Your Voice Toastmasters
4815729O11PM410/27/2020Brown-Kingsberry, YolandaFind Your Voice Toastmasters
5616089L42PM11/27/2021Brunet Jr., Eddie PTHE Tomball Toastmasters
1171828R60SR13/30/2021Buggs, Wendell R.Voice of Moses
1526840P2DL19/22/2020Bui, TomPasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2DL210/13/2020Bui, TomPasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2DL312/15/2020Bui, TomPasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2DL41/26/2021Bui, TomPasadena Toastmasters
5831L41MS19/23/2020Burgess~Buckberg, CharleneSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41MS210/30/2020Burgess~Buckberg, CharleneSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41MS311/19/2020Burgess~Buckberg, CharleneSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
8687L41DL110/7/2020Caban, Linda G.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41EC12/3/2021Caban, Linda G.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41EC22/3/2021Caban, Linda G.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
5157572N21PM19/9/2020Cabrera, LuciaTrue Blue Talkers
5157572N21PM211/11/2020Cabrera, LuciaTrue Blue Talkers
7272027P2EC41/7/2021Cai, QingCovestro Toastmasters Baytown
681292L42PM37/14/2020Cairns, Grant LewisOutspoken Club
4040124M34EC28/17/2020Campbell, James AndrewSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34SR19/13/2020Campbell, Kendall S.Southwest Project Management
4040124M34SR29/13/2020Campbell, Kendall S.Southwest Project Management
9951O10DL18/9/2020Caraway, Carol D.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL212/4/2020Caraway, Carol D.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10VC13/2/2021Caraway, Carol D.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
5144515L44PM18/2/2020Cardiel, Sara A.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5324194P6PM47/2/2020Carmichael, Carolyn Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
5324194P6EH19/30/2020Carmichael, Carolyn Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
5324194P6PM52/24/2021Carmichael, Carolyn Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
694851R64IP17/12/2020Carmona, Angel Pensadores de Houston
694851R64IP29/6/2020Carmona, Angel Pensadores de Houston
694851R64IP310/28/2020Carmona, Angel Pensadores de Houston
3402Q51DL37/21/2020Carreras, Patricia E.Uptown Club
3402Q51DL410/27/2020Carreras, Patricia E.Uptown Club
9511O13LD22/2/2021Carter, Marshall E.Lunch Bunch Club
5831L41PM19/23/2020Cathey, Kelle RSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41PM21/14/2021Cathey, Kelle RSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
4570P1MS38/13/2020Caudle, Samantha BlakeANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
7348731N22VC37/21/2020Chaidez, Carlos G.Kiewit Houston Toastmasters
7348731N22VC47/21/2020Chaidez, Carlos G.Kiewit Houston Toastmasters
1530N20PI18/6/2020Chan, GraceTalking Heads Club
2892L41PM18/26/2020CHANEY, SCOTT RYANFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
8894M31TC37/19/2020Chang, Carol M.TACL Club
8894M31LD37/6/2020Chang, Kevin RayTACL Club
8894M31PI17/6/2020Chang, Kevin RayTACL Club
8894M31LD411/2/2020Chang, Kevin RayTACL Club
1530N20PM18/6/2020Chapa, Gregory FrankTalking Heads Club
9951O10IP211/8/2020Charney, Carolyn JeanDining Out Toastmasters Club
5698Q54PI110/13/2020Chaudhari, Dipak LiladharMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
6422Q50PM17/11/2020Chen, JackAll Star Club
6422Q50PM21/9/2021Chen, JackAll Star Club
6422Q50PM33/27/2021Chen, JackAll Star Club
4425936N26DL110/8/2020Chi, ShihongStand and Deliver
4425936N26DL21/20/2021Chi, ShihongStand and Deliver
8894M31TC17/6/2020Chiang, HelenTACL Club
8894M31TC27/6/2020Chiang, HelenTACL Club
1507473O11SR310/8/2020Chow, Jenny American General Toastmasters
895342P5TC11/12/2021Cioletti, Louis A.Spaced Out Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR27/7/2020Cipolla, Julie TereseWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR39/2/2020Cipolla, Julie TereseWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR43/30/2021Cipolla, Julie TereseWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR53/31/2021Cipolla, Julie TereseWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
7524285M30PM18/19/2020Clanahan, BrookeCVR Energy Toastmasters Club
4570P1PI18/13/2020Clark, Cheryl LynnANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1PI28/13/2020Clark, Cheryl LynnANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
5509947N25EC17/15/2020Clay, Deirdre LynnCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5509947N25EC28/27/2020Clay, Deirdre LynnCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5509947N25EC310/10/2020Clay, Deirdre LynnCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5509947N25EC411/4/2020Clay, Deirdre LynnCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
8607Q52IP48/14/2020Clayton, Catharine Talking Bull Club
8607Q52PM18/14/2020Clayton, Catharine Talking Bull Club
8607Q52IP58/14/2020Clayton, Catharine Talking Bull Club
839R61PM11/18/2021Clem, Jenny H.Daybreakers Toastmasters Club
6721367O13LD18/13/2020Cleveland, Marchelle D.Cheniere Toastmasters Club
6596925N26IP311/13/2020Cloud, Emily Phillips 66 HQ Toastmasters Club
6596925N26IP411/13/2020Cloud, Emily Phillips 66 HQ Toastmasters Club
6596925N26IP511/18/2020Cloud, Emily Phillips 66 HQ Toastmasters Club
7755635O12PM112/5/2020Coates, StephanieCougar Rhetoric
1075139M32IP19/9/2020Cocking, SarahRising Stars Toastmasters (formerly Financially Speaking)
1075139M32IP23/27/2021Cocking, SarahRising Stars Toastmasters (formerly Financially Speaking)
6918L44PI12/19/2021Coe, Wayland NewtonWoodlands Toastmasters Club
2521O13PM18/10/2020Collins, KathleenFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
2521O13PM210/22/2020Collins, KathleenFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
2521O13PWMENTORPGM1/5/2021Collins, KathleenFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
2521O13PM31/12/2021Collins, KathleenFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
5941L40SR412/8/2020Comstock, Jerrie ACity of Bryan Club
5941L40SR51/21/2021Comstock, Jerrie ACity of Bryan Club
1175R60PM110/21/2020Conaway, Wendy LynnHP Houston Toastmasters Club
1175R60PM22/25/2021Conaway, Wendy LynnHP Houston Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM59/20/2020Connell, Amy ElizabethMissouri City Toastmasters Club
799729N24IP312/5/2020Cook, David RobertMemorial City Toastmasters
744705Q51PM110/23/2020Coole, Tamara L.Dance and Toast Masters Club
3041739N23MS312/1/2020Coon, JonBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
3041739N23MS412/1/2020Coon, JonBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
3041739N23MS512/1/2020Coon, JonBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
3041739N23EC112/9/2020Coon, JonBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
3041739N23EC212/9/2020Coon, JonBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
2521O13TC112/28/2020CORTEZ, JOANNAFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
9511O13MS22/9/2021CORTEZ, MARIA ALICIALunch Bunch Club
609083Q50PM13/12/2021Cosby, AudreyDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM23/12/2021Cosby, AudreyDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM33/12/2021Cosby, AudreyDetermined To Master Speaking
839R61DL17/9/2020Cousin, Christopher JDaybreakers Toastmasters Club
4908P3IP32/12/2021Cowan, Darnell ThomasBoeing Club
5831L41SR29/21/2020Cremers, Nadia A.Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
8607Q52TC28/14/2020Crescini, Paul CTalking Bull Club
8607Q52TC38/28/2020Crescini, Paul CTalking Bull Club
5301M34EH111/20/2020Crisler, Justin RyanSugar Speakers Club
5916R65MS12/1/2021Crosby, KathrynCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
8687L41DL11/12/2021Cuellar, Michele KleinDeerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41IP27/3/2020Cuellar, RichardDeerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41IP311/7/2020Cuellar, RichardDeerwood Toastmasters Club
5157572N21MS11/5/2021Da Cruz, Milene D.True Blue Talkers
5157572N21MS21/5/2021Da Cruz, Milene D.True Blue Talkers
5831L41PI38/23/2020Dash, Biranchi Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41PI410/10/2020Dash, Biranchi Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41DL11/3/2021Dash, SaswatiSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
7755635O12SR111/10/2020Davis, Elyse KathrynCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12SR23/10/2021Davis, Elyse KathrynCougar Rhetoric
2892L41PM18/10/2020Davis, Jeff RFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41PM210/30/2020Davis, Jeff RFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41PM33/7/2021Davis, Jeff RFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
1175R60DL28/5/2020Davis, Kaitlyn RaenelHP Houston Toastmasters Club
3614557P4MS19/10/2020Davis-Taylor, KimberlyWest Pearland Toastmasters
2755N25DL110/5/2020Daye, CrystalKaty Toastmasters Club
621758P1PI38/18/2020Daza, YolandaDiamond Club
621758P1PI411/12/2020Daza, YolandaDiamond Club
2200M32IP111/3/2020De La Garza, Noe Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
2200M32IP21/10/2021De La Garza, Noe Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
7846R62TC37/19/2020Deitiker, JamesSpeakers Connection
4467788L43IP22/3/2021Delavan, Mark RobertThe Communication Generators
5324194P6IP112/22/2020Demerson, ShirleyYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
4570P1IP28/13/2020Dibrell, Lauri B.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1IP38/13/2020Dibrell, Lauri B.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1IP411/14/2020Dibrell, Lauri B.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
7455P5PM11/26/2021Dick, Jason HayesClear Lake Communicators Club
7011533R64DL37/29/2020Dora, Zambrano MayelaMente Abierta
7011533R64DL49/25/2020Dora, Zambrano MayelaMente Abierta
826937O14DL27/2/2020Doshi, PoojaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL38/19/2020Doshi, PoojaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL410/9/2020Doshi, PoojaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
714164P5TC19/11/2020Dowdy, Forrest RSpace Explorers Club
714164P5TC210/7/2020Dowdy, Forrest RSpace Explorers Club
8937L43ALS7/9/2020Drepaul, David Spring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43DTM7/9/2020Drepaul, David Spring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
5144515L44LD28/4/2020Drugovich, Giorgio A.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44LD310/17/2020Drugovich, Giorgio A.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44LD412/4/2020Drugovich, Giorgio A.Woodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
799729N24SR13/15/2021Dunham, D’AnderiaMemorial City Toastmasters
799729N24SR23/17/2021Dunham, D’AnderiaMemorial City Toastmasters
7610P4IP18/7/2020Dunn, Paula L.Pearland Toastmasters Club
7610P4IP28/7/2020Dunn, Paula L.Pearland Toastmasters Club
670075P3IP33/16/2021Dunn, Paula L.UHCL Toastmasters
670075P3IP43/16/2021Dunn, Paula L.UHCL Toastmasters
684565L44IP19/2/2020Eboreime, EfeTech Talk Club
4659373Q54PM19/10/2020Edwards, BrittneySpirited Speech Masters
5157572N21SR17/10/2020Elbially, NaiyirTrue Blue Talkers
609083Q50VC17/22/2020Elo, Roosevelt A.Determined To Master Speaking
1504555R61IP12/4/2021Escalona, Hector Blue Crew TM Club
1504555R61IP23/17/2021Escalona, Hector Blue Crew TM Club
5698Q54PM58/26/2020Escobar, Betsy Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54IP11/20/2021Escobar, Betsy Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
1294652Q50DL11/17/2021Esrafilzadeh, Nadia Houston Galleria Project Management
7677061R63PM17/23/2020Eziukwu, UcheoraWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
714164P5MS29/3/2020Fajardo, Jeff ChristopherSpace Explorers Club
714164P5MS39/22/2020Fajardo, Jeff ChristopherSpace Explorers Club
1295052R61IP27/31/2020Falcon, ClareHealth Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
1295052R61IP32/7/2021Falcon, ClareHealth Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
3922610R64ALS7/31/2020Fanini, Otto N.C & F Leaders Club
3922610R64DTM8/2/2020Fanini, Otto N.C & F Leaders Club
826937O14DL311/5/2020Farrell, Donald LeeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL412/21/2020Farrell, Donald LeeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
1696898O10PI28/11/2020Farrell, RyanCapgeti Toasties
5301M34PM111/5/2020Fatany, Zuhair MuhammedSugar Speakers Club
5301M34PM23/30/2021Fatany, Zuhair MuhammedSugar Speakers Club
6507686M30PM28/8/2020Fields, Becky Missouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM310/30/2020Fields, Becky Missouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM411/10/2020Fields, Becky Missouri City Toastmasters Club
5337R63VC37/2/2020Fisher, JacquieMarathon Speaks! Club
5337R63VC42/5/2021Fisher, JacquieMarathon Speaks! Club
7016675P4LD27/3/2020Flores, Monica MAlvin Toastmasters Club
2521O13EH48/6/2020Florez, JavierFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
3041739N23SR110/19/2020Florez, JavierBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
7064169O12SR211/19/2020Florez, JavierPathway of Professional Speakers
7064169O12PI511/19/2020Florez, JavierPathway of Professional Speakers
2521O13EH512/7/2020Florez, JavierFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
7064169O12SR312/22/2020Florez, JavierPathway of Professional Speakers
7064169O12SR41/4/2021Florez, JavierPathway of Professional Speakers
3041739N23PWMENTORPGM1/15/2021Florez, JavierBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
7064169O12VC13/28/2021Florez, JavierPathway of Professional Speakers
609083Q50PM13/12/2021Flowers, Kimberly AnnDetermined To Master Speaking
2854298N21EC112/1/2020Folley, LauraCITGO VOICE
4570P1VC18/13/2020Ford, Deborah L.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1VC28/13/2020Ford, Deborah L.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
2659L45PM48/3/2020Fornea, George W.1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
609083Q50PM12/4/2021Freeman, Sonja EliseDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM23/12/2021Freeman, Sonja EliseDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM33/12/2021Freeman, Sonja EliseDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM43/20/2021Freeman, Sonja EliseDetermined To Master Speaking
609083Q50PM53/20/2021Freeman, Sonja EliseDetermined To Master Speaking
826937O14SR13/18/2021Fuller, John TWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
694851R64DTM7/1/2020Funez, Jose H.Pensadores de Houston
7610P4IP210/1/2020Gajanayake, AnuraPearland Toastmasters Club
4815729O11LD110/22/2020Gamberucci, MaurizioFind Your Voice Toastmasters
8609Q50PM19/5/2020Garcia, Maria EugeniaSouth Main Speakers Club
8609Q50PM21/31/2021Garcia, Maria EugeniaSouth Main Speakers Club
4908P3SR37/31/2020Garner, Tamesia LucilleBoeing Club
7064169O12SR48/13/2020Garner, Tamesia LucillePathway of Professional Speakers
7380393O12SR59/12/2020Garner, Tamesia LucilleInclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
7380393O12LD110/5/2020Garner, Tamesia LucilleInclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
7380393O12LD211/24/2020Garner, Tamesia LucilleInclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
4815729O11LD311/25/2020Garner, Tamesia LucilleFind Your Voice Toastmasters
4815729O11EC11/25/2021Garner, Tamesia LucilleFind Your Voice Toastmasters
4815729O11EC22/9/2021Garner, Tamesia LucilleFind Your Voice Toastmasters
5769669N26MS28/18/2020Garrett, PatrickAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
7011533R64VC57/11/2020Garza, Aleida Mente Abierta
6659M31TC17/14/2020Garza, AnnUnity Toastmasters Club
6659M31TC27/14/2020Garza, AnnUnity Toastmasters Club
5769669N26IP110/30/2020Gautier, ByronAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
4908P3VC11/31/2021Ge, ShenBoeing Club
4908P3VC21/31/2021Ge, ShenBoeing Club
8607Q52TC28/14/2020Gee, Sandra BurkheadTalking Bull Club
8607Q52DL48/14/2020Gendron, Brian MichaelTalking Bull Club
7610P4DL11/19/2021German, JeniPearland Toastmasters Club
6998O10LD19/19/2020Gist, BillieTalk Of Downtown Club
6998O10LD29/19/2020Gist, BillieTalk Of Downtown Club
6998O10LD39/19/2020Gist, BillieTalk Of Downtown Club
6998O10LD49/19/2020Gist, BillieTalk Of Downtown Club
1171828R60MS211/16/2020Glover, Gary D.Voice of Moses
1171828R60LD412/5/2020GLOVER, NINAVoice of Moses
4815729O11SR57/20/2020Goedecke, KurtFind Your Voice Toastmasters
2659L45IP18/3/2020Golightly, Staci L.1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
2659L45IP28/3/2020Golightly, Staci L.1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
4037R61VC111/12/2020Gonzalez, AuroraTexas Trotters Toastmasters Club
4037R61VC21/27/2021Gonzalez, AuroraTexas Trotters Toastmasters Club
5157572N21EC21/13/2021Gonzalez, Beatriz W.True Blue Talkers
5157572N21EC31/13/2021Gonzalez, Beatriz W.True Blue Talkers
2755N25PI37/13/2020Gonzalez, Jorge LuisKaty Toastmasters Club
5509947N25SR17/15/2020Gonzalez, Jorge LuisCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
2755N25PI48/9/2020Gonzalez, Jorge LuisKaty Toastmasters Club
5509947N25SR212/9/2020Gonzalez, Jorge LuisCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5509947N25SR33/18/2021Gonzalez, Jorge LuisCane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5616089L42PM17/1/2020Gonzalez, Kimberly EganTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42PM27/1/2020Gonzalez, Kimberly EganTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42PM37/16/2020Gonzalez, Kimberly EganTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42PM410/7/2020Gonzalez, Kimberly EganTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42PM511/11/2020Gonzalez, Kimberly EganTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5616089L42SR11/19/2021Gonzalez, Kimberly EganTHE Tomball Toastmasters
621758P1DL17/21/2020Goode, Natasha C.Diamond Club
6918L44EH37/3/2020Goradia, MarieWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44EH47/22/2020Goradia, MarieWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44EH59/20/2020Goradia, MarieWoodlands Toastmasters Club
5301M34IP110/14/2020Greene, Vicky RSugar Speakers Club
4570P1PWMENTORPGM11/14/2020Greenough, ChadANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4815729O11PM19/2/2020Greiner, Gabrielle FrancescaFind Your Voice Toastmasters
2521O13DL19/29/2020Griffith, Dara AliceFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
6721367O13PI49/9/2020Grindal, Christian JohnCheniere Toastmasters Club
6659M31PI17/14/2020Guge, Yvette Unity Toastmasters Club
6659M31PI211/12/2020Guge, Yvette Unity Toastmasters Club
744683L44SR212/16/2020Guhlin, JenniferConroe Speaks Club
744683L44SR312/16/2020Guhlin, JenniferConroe Speaks Club
5916R65IP37/19/2020Guillory, PaulCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
5916R65IP49/1/2020Guillory, PaulCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
1507473O11SR112/2/2020Gustafson, LauraAmerican General Toastmasters
5337R63VC28/13/2020Guy, UrasiaMarathon Speaks! Club
6918L44IP18/25/2020Haas, DanaWoodlands Toastmasters Club
2755N25PM17/17/2020Hall, Lee Katy Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM12/3/2021Hammond, Joseph R.Missouri City Toastmasters Club
8687L41DL12/6/2021Hao, Kelly XDeerwood Toastmasters Club
4467788L43DL52/4/2021Hardin, Melissa MarieThe Communication Generators
4570P1IP111/14/2020Harrington, Paul WebberANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1IP22/10/2021Harrington, Paul WebberANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
2854298N21IP111/18/2020Harris, Sobreta LCITGO VOICE
2854298N21IP211/18/2020Harris, Sobreta LCITGO VOICE
4154872P4PI38/29/2020Harrison, Margaret M.Mid-Pearland Toastmasters
4154872P4PI48/29/2020Harrison, Margaret M.Mid-Pearland Toastmasters
1903819M34LD29/27/2020Hatton, CourtniSweet Talkers
1903819M34LD39/27/2020Hatton, CourtniSweet Talkers
1903819M34LD410/18/2020Hatton, CourtniSweet Talkers
2755N25PI18/21/2020Hayes, CherKaty Toastmasters Club
2755N25PI211/18/2020Hayes, CherKaty Toastmasters Club
1075139M32PI17/2/2020Hayes, HamptonRising Stars Toastmasters (formerly Financially Speaking)
1075139M32PI29/9/2020Hayes, HamptonRising Stars Toastmasters (formerly Financially Speaking)
5979638M30TC210/6/2020Hayes, Yvette E.Stafford Talking Titans
5979638M30TC310/6/2020Hayes, Yvette E.Stafford Talking Titans
5979638M30EC12/6/2021Hayes, Yvette E.Stafford Talking Titans
5979638M30EC22/6/2021Hayes, Yvette E.Stafford Talking Titans
5979638M30EC32/6/2021Hayes, Yvette E.Stafford Talking Titans
6599P5LD28/17/2020Helms, Ashley N.Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters
6599P5LD38/17/2020Helms, Ashley N.Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters
1356O14IP28/21/2020Hennegan, William HancockChevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
826937O14IP17/15/2020Hernandez, Miguel EduardoWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14IP211/18/2020Hernandez, Miguel EduardoWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
7011533R64IP29/22/2020Hernandez, Sara EstherMente Abierta
7011533R64IP310/26/2020Hernandez, Sara EstherMente Abierta
7011533R64IP41/8/2021Hernandez, Sara EstherMente Abierta
7011533R64DL27/29/2020Herrera, Jose Mente Abierta
6918L44PM17/1/2020Heuser, DanaWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44PM23/30/2021Heuser, DanaWoodlands Toastmasters Club
3713711M30LD12/4/2021Hightower, LeotisLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30LD22/4/2021Hightower, LeotisLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30LD32/4/2021Hightower, LeotisLiberated Toastmasters
1696898O10TC210/20/2020Hoch, AngelaCapgeti Toasties
4772213Q52LD13/25/2021Hodges, AnneSound of Greenway
5916R65PM17/19/2020Hollman, Artra KCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
7755635O12PM112/8/2020Holloway, Douglas EdwardCougar Rhetoric
5301M34PI39/9/2020Honeycutt, Bryan TimothySugar Speakers Club
5301M34PI411/20/2020Honeycutt, Bryan TimothySugar Speakers Club
5324194P6PM13/22/2021Hoque, Noor JahanYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
3713711M30PM12/4/2021Horace, LaLoverLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30PM22/4/2021Horace, LaLoverLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30PM32/4/2021Horace, LaLoverLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30PM42/4/2021Horace, LaLoverLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30PM52/12/2021Horace, LaLoverLiberated Toastmasters
7755635O12MS27/8/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12MS38/10/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
5698Q54SR19/17/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
7755635O12MS49/18/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12PM311/13/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12PM411/13/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12PM512/14/2020Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12MS42/8/2021Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12MS52/8/2021Hoskens, Russell GeneCougar Rhetoric
1620L40IP210/15/2020Hsieh, Nan-HungSilver Tongue Club
8894M31TC17/6/2020Hsu, Sherry S.TACL Club
8894M31TC27/6/2020Hsu, Sherry S.TACL Club
8894M31TC311/2/2020Hsu, Sherry S.TACL Club
8894M31PM17/6/2020Hsueh, Tiffany SzuyunTACL Club
505O15VC17/1/2020Hudd, AdamHigh Noon Club
505O15DTM7/2/2020Hudd, AdamHigh Noon Club
3922610R64LDREXC8/1/2020Hudgens, MarciaC & F Leaders Club
3922610R64ALS8/12/2020Hudgens, MarciaC & F Leaders Club
3922610R64DTM8/12/2020Hudgens, MarciaC & F Leaders Club
4969R64DL112/6/2020Hudgens, MarciaTalk of the Town Toastmasters
2659L45EC39/25/2020Hudgins, Colette Anderson1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
1001993M31PM19/7/2020Hudson-Jenkins, DorothyMaster Evaluators
1171828R60PM212/4/2020Hudson-Jenkins, DorothyVoice of Moses
1001993M31PM312/7/2020Hudson-Jenkins, DorothyMaster Evaluators
1001993M31PM41/5/2021Hudson-Jenkins, DorothyMaster Evaluators
1171828R60MS13/30/2021Hudson-Jenkins, DorothyVoice of Moses
4659373Q54IP27/3/2020Huff, Loni ThereseSpirited Speech Masters
4659373Q54IP37/3/2020Huff, Loni ThereseSpirited Speech Masters
4659373Q54IP410/15/2020Huff, Loni ThereseSpirited Speech Masters
744683L44PM13/16/2021Hulsey, Michael JosephConroe Speaks Club
744683L44PM23/16/2021Hulsey, Michael JosephConroe Speaks Club
5916R65IP110/1/2020Hwang, SunhongCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
5916R65IP211/24/2020Hwang, SunhongCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
3116P6PM210/15/2020Idoux, Jo A.JSC Toastmasters Club
3116P6PM312/7/2020Idoux, Jo A.JSC Toastmasters Club
1530N20DL28/6/2020Iginiamre, Yura Talking Heads Club
5979638M30PM110/6/2020Inyang, Charles BasseyStafford Talking Titans
5979638M30PM210/6/2020Inyang, Charles BasseyStafford Talking Titans
5979638M30PM33/19/2021Inyang, Charles BasseyStafford Talking Titans
826937O14LD19/16/2020Islas, PolinaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
694851R64EC111/6/2020Ivanez, AntonioPensadores de Houston
5301M34VC11/25/2021Iyengar, Suresh R.Sugar Speakers Club
5301M34VC21/25/2021Iyengar, Suresh R.Sugar Speakers Club
6422Q50PM111/14/2020Iyer, PraveenAll Star Club
6422Q50PM22/10/2021Iyer, PraveenAll Star Club
744683L44IP19/10/2020Jackson, JeromeConroe Speaks Club
744683L44IP29/10/2020Jackson, JeromeConroe Speaks Club
744683L44IP312/2/2020Jackson, JeromeConroe Speaks Club
4154872P4SR47/1/2020Jackson, KarenMid-Pearland Toastmasters
4154872P4SR57/3/2020Jackson, KarenMid-Pearland Toastmasters
4154872P4EH19/29/2020Jackson, KarenMid-Pearland Toastmasters
670075P3VC110/26/2020Jackson, KarenUHCL Toastmasters
3614557P4PM19/10/2020Jacob, RajivWest Pearland Toastmasters
7825477P4PM11/25/2021Jacobs, Trudy MarieUTHealth Speaks!
7825477P4PM22/4/2021Jacobs, Trudy MarieUTHealth Speaks!
2892L41DL210/10/2020Jagels, SteveFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
5916R65DL59/29/2020Jahangiri, Holly G.Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club
5337R63IP17/2/2020James, Rodney E.Marathon Speaks! Club
6951688Q51IP29/3/2020Janhsen, Kathy LeeTimmons Talkers
6951688Q51IP32/4/2021Janhsen, Kathy LeeTimmons Talkers
6043426R60IP27/29/2020Jaramillo, Alvaro JosePensadores Northwest
6043426R60IP310/1/2020Jaramillo, Alvaro JosePensadores Northwest
1175R60DL17/22/2020Jaspe, Lenis JudithHP Houston Toastmasters Club
4037R61MS38/11/2020Jatko, BrentTexas Trotters Toastmasters Club
4037R61MS49/2/2020Jatko, BrentTexas Trotters Toastmasters Club
1175R60IP311/6/2020Jeanquart, DawnHP Houston Toastmasters Club
684565L44TC112/8/2020Jemison, Tevin JarvisTech Talk Club
3402Q51PI11/5/2021Jenkins, James LukeUptown Club
6507686M30EH28/20/2020Johnson, Robert M.Missouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30EH39/27/2020Johnson, Robert M.Missouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30EH412/4/2020Johnson, Robert M.Missouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30EH51/8/2021Johnson, Robert M.Missouri City Toastmasters Club
5324194P6PM18/18/2020Jones, Fatimar B.Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
3614557P4IP31/23/2021Jones, Latonia M.West Pearland Toastmasters
1001993M31PI11/30/2021Jones, Latonia M.Master Evaluators
3653170R63MS37/2/2020Jones, Stephen W.Btoasty Club
3653170R63MS48/4/2020Jones, Stephen W.Btoasty Club
7825477P4MS511/14/2020Jones, Stephen W.UTHealth Speaks!
7825477P4EC111/14/2020Jones, Stephen W.UTHealth Speaks!
3614557P4PM311/14/2020Jones, Valeria CassineWest Pearland Toastmasters
3614557P4PM43/23/2021Jones, Valeria CassineWest Pearland Toastmasters
6918L44PI33/19/2021Jorgensen, AnhWoodlands Toastmasters Club
2892L41DL111/23/2020Julien, EricFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41DL23/7/2021Julien, EricFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41MS111/23/2020Julien, LindaFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2051466L40MS49/24/2020Kapalayam VS, Sai Brindha Aggie Toastmasters
2051466L40MS59/24/2020Kapalayam VS, Sai Brindha Aggie Toastmasters
1620L40IP13/19/2021Kapasi, Jainil HetalkumarSilver Tongue Club
6721367O13EC38/13/2020Karas, Phylis A.Cheniere Toastmasters Club
2051466L40PI17/2/2020Kathuria, DhruvaAggie Toastmasters
1696898O10PM18/11/2020KATTA, LALITHA PAVAN KUMARCapgeti Toasties
1696898O10PM211/17/2020KATTA, LALITHA PAVAN KUMARCapgeti Toasties
4820345L43LD111/29/2020Kea, KristenMarket Street Toastmasters
4820345L43LD211/4/2020Kea, Missy G.Market Street Toastmasters
7846R62EH110/26/2020Keaton, WilliamSpeakers Connection
7846R62MS511/21/2020Keaton, WilliamSpeakers Connection
366Q50PM210/18/2020Kendrick, Katashia ParteeWordcrafters Club
3897Q54EC21/19/2021Kest, Kathryn RosinbaumPost Oak Toastmasters
3897Q54EC31/19/2021Kest, Kathryn RosinbaumPost Oak Toastmasters
684565L44VC19/2/2020Kibler, MeganTech Talk Club
9511O13DL210/15/2020Kilgore, Grace P.Lunch Bunch Club
9511O13DL31/13/2021Kilgore, Grace P.Lunch Bunch Club
1620L40SR37/9/2020Kim, WonRyeongSilver Tongue Club
1620L40SR47/24/2020Kim, WonRyeongSilver Tongue Club
1620L40DL27/3/2020Kim, YuriSilver Tongue Club
1620L40DL310/6/2020Kim, YuriSilver Tongue Club
9268O14LD17/21/2020Kinatingal, Jeeth XavierHeritage Plaza Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL29/16/2020King, Curtis Word Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL311/5/2020King, Curtis Word Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL411/18/2020King, Curtis Word Doctors Toastmasters Club
2051466L40PM11/23/2021Kio, PatriciaAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PM23/9/2021Kio, PatriciaAggie Toastmasters
6294M30TC111/18/2020Knight, John E.Sugar Land Toastmasters
8894M31TC17/6/2020Ko, StephenTACL Club
8894M31TC27/19/2020Ko, StephenTACL Club
5698Q54IP38/20/2020Koch, Patricia E.Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
681292L42MS27/14/2020Koskowich, BradleyOutspoken Club
5157572N21IP311/6/2020Kotla, SurenderTrue Blue Talkers
484R61IP29/25/2020Kovacevic, SandraProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
4037R61DL111/2/2020Krusleski, Sarah E.Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
4037R61DL212/10/2020Krusleski, Sarah E.Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
6918L44LDREXC7/17/2020Kulkarni, AnandWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44ALS7/20/2020Kulkarni, AnandWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44DTM7/24/2020Kulkarni, AnandWoodlands Toastmasters Club
5144515L44SR13/19/2021Kumar, PriyankaWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
839R61LD17/21/2020Kummins, RichardDaybreakers Toastmasters Club
839R61LD27/21/2020Kummins, RichardDaybreakers Toastmasters Club
839R61LD312/29/2020Kummins, RichardDaybreakers Toastmasters Club
3041739N23PM111/18/2020Kurgod, MadhuraBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
3041739N23DL112/9/2020Kurgod, SangappaBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
7273792R61IP111/11/2020Kurian, BenjaminSan Felipe Plaza Toastmasters
1075139M32PM48/16/2020Kurup, Nishu Rising Stars Toastmasters (formerly Financially Speaking)
1075139M32PM510/29/2020Kurup, Nishu Rising Stars Toastmasters (formerly Financially Speaking)
681292L42PI111/10/2020Kuss, MatthewOutspoken Club
7846R62LD17/19/2020Kuton, Nicholas ChristopherSpeakers Connection
8894M31DL47/6/2020Kwan, Wing ChorTACL Club
8894M31DL511/2/2020Kwan, Wing ChorTACL Club
2755N25DL112/13/2020Kwik, IrwanKaty Toastmasters Club
2755N25DL212/13/2020Kwik, IrwanKaty Toastmasters Club
6721367O13DL312/2/2020La Barrie, SekouCheniere Toastmasters Club
7451614N23IP111/16/2020Ladner, SusanPower Brokers
4911L45IP18/21/2020Lajfar, AbderrahimBaker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
4911L45IP28/21/2020Lajfar, AbderrahimBaker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
4911L45IP39/21/2020Lajfar, AbderrahimBaker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
7057481P5DL111/10/2020Lamberghini-West, Alicia League City Toastmasters
4820345L43EH112/9/2020Landry, Cathy M.Market Street Toastmasters
4820345L43PM31/31/2021Landry, Cathy M.Market Street Toastmasters
4820345L43MS37/2/2020LaRocca, TyraMarket Street Toastmasters
6043426R60PM12/24/2021Larrazabal, ElizabethPensadores Northwest
7011533R64LD59/22/2020Laurel, Maria TMente Abierta
5769669N26EH11/5/2021Lauritsen, Mark DouglasAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
5831L41VC39/29/2020Leblanc, BeckySuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
505O15DL38/20/2020Lee, CeciliaHigh Noon Club
505O15DL48/29/2020Lee, CeciliaHigh Noon Club
505O15EH19/15/2020Lee, CeciliaHigh Noon Club
505O15EH29/15/2020Lee, CeciliaHigh Noon Club
744705Q51EH39/21/2020Lee, CeciliaDance and Toast Masters Club
744705Q51EH410/2/2020Lee, CeciliaDance and Toast Masters Club
505O15DL511/30/2020Lee, CeciliaHigh Noon Club
505O15EH53/3/2021Lee, CeciliaHigh Noon Club
1620L40IP210/6/2020Lee, JeeheeSilver Tongue Club
1620L40IP17/10/2020Lee, KyungsunSilver Tongue Club
1620L40IP211/13/2020Lee, KyungsunSilver Tongue Club
1620L40IP33/12/2021Lee, KyungsunSilver Tongue Club
6294M30EC48/6/2020Lee, Melba S.Sugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30PM112/21/2020Lee, Melba S.Sugar Land Toastmasters
1620L40SR29/18/2020Lee, MiokSilver Tongue Club
1295052R61PM13/7/2021Lehman, Tracy KottwitzHealth Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
1295052R61PM23/7/2021Lehman, Tracy KottwitzHealth Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
842016N23LDREXC7/17/2020Levine, Ronald M.Honeywell Toastmasters Club
842016N23VC310/29/2020Levine, Ronald M.Honeywell Toastmasters Club
842016N23ALS2/23/2021Levine, Ronald M.Honeywell Toastmasters Club
842016N23DTM2/25/2021Levine, Ronald M.Honeywell Toastmasters Club
842016N23VC43/17/2021Levine, Ronald M.Honeywell Toastmasters Club
1171828R60PM13/30/2021Lewis, BarbaraVoice of Moses
3713711M30SR12/4/2021Lewis, VedaLiberated Toastmasters
5768M33PM48/10/2020Li, BinghuiWesthollow Club
5768M33PM52/28/2021Li, BinghuiWesthollow Club
6507686M30LD13/11/2021Li, RongMissouri City Toastmasters Club
8894M31IP37/17/2020Lin, SunnyTACL Club
8894M31IP411/2/2020Lin, SunnyTACL Club
5831L41TC49/21/2020Lindenfeld, James L.Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41PWMENTORPGM9/21/2020Lindenfeld, James L.Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41PM110/29/2020Lindenfeld, Kimberly B.Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41PM21/14/2021Lindenfeld, Kimberly B.Successfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL17/15/2020Lipe, KeithWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14DL212/21/2020Lipe, KeithWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
744683L44IP23/5/2021Lippe, GaylonConroe Speaks Club
2755N25EC13/23/2021Liu, JennyKaty Toastmasters Club
681292L42PM210/19/2020Liu, NicolaOutspoken Club
7057481P5IP212/5/2020Livingston, Scott D.League City Toastmasters
3273M33PI17/21/2020Lobato, MartinThe Speaker’s Corner
4944N22MS17/1/2020Loh, MarcusSpeaking Of Shell Toastmasters Club
8937L43PM18/14/2020loiacano, MarkSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
684565L44DL111/30/2020Long, Cheryl KTech Talk Club
684565L44DL22/4/2021Long, Cheryl KTech Talk Club
3652996N21VC39/24/2020Lopez, Ana E.IHS Markit Houston Toastmasters
5157572N21EC22/26/2021Lopez, Jacob M.True Blue Talkers
694851R64IP18/6/2020Lopez, JesusPensadores de Houston
694851R64IP23/4/2021Lopez, JesusPensadores de Houston
5916R65PM111/17/2020Lopez, Jose T.Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club
5916R65PM21/27/2021Lopez, Jose T.Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club
2659L45PM18/3/2020LOPEZ, LUIS 1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
2659L45PM212/8/2020Lopez, Luis 1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
842016N23PM38/28/2020Lopez, Max Honeywell Toastmasters Club
2755N25IP28/9/2020Lott, Leomi DKaty Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL310/1/2020Lover, Gail E.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DL410/1/2020Lover, Gail E.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10IP210/4/2020Lover, Gail E.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
6294M30DL37/1/2020Lu, GlennSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30DL47/3/2020Lu, GlennSugar Land Toastmasters
3653170R63IP17/29/2020Luangkhot, Rick Btoasty Club
4425936N26PI18/11/2020Luchao, Jin Stand and Deliver
4425936N26PI28/11/2020Luchao, Jin Stand and Deliver
6043426R60DL37/9/2020Luna, Martin A.Pensadores Northwest
6043426R60DL412/9/2020Luna, Martin A.Pensadores Northwest
7451614N23DL22/25/2021Lunsford, Joseph WilliamPower Brokers
4323237R62IP110/28/2020Macatangay, Shirlie GarciaMcDermott McToasters
1175R60PM19/25/2020Madina, Brian JosephHP Houston Toastmasters Club
7455P5PM112/15/2020Madrigal, Nelly MClear Lake Communicators Club
3041739N23IP210/11/2020Magness, MarleneBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
3041739N23IP310/11/2020Magness, MarleneBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
6294M30PM18/3/2020Mahaffey, Kinsey ErinSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30PM210/25/2020Mahaffey, Kinsey ErinSugar Land Toastmasters
6918L44PI18/28/2020Malhotra, MinniWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44PI210/2/2020Malhotra, MinniWoodlands Toastmasters Club
1294652Q50DL51/10/2021Mangano, AurelienHouston Galleria Project Management
366Q50IP210/2/2020Marks, DemetriaWordcrafters Club
3653170R63EC17/23/2020Martin, Andrea Btoasty Club
3653170R63EC27/23/2020Martin, Andrea Btoasty Club
3653170R63EC37/23/2020Martin, Andrea Btoasty Club
3653170R63EC41/20/2021Martin, Andrea Btoasty Club
798310P3IP21/13/2021Martinez, MayteVNS Voices Toastmasters Club
5916R65SR27/19/2020Mathew, Joseph T.Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club
744683L44IP410/14/2020Mattson, SherrieConroe Speaks Club
7455P5LD211/14/2020Mayer, Leslie Clear Lake Communicators Club
484R61LD33/24/2021Mayfield, Karen AntoinetteProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
1314186R65SR33/24/2021Mays, BelindaNorth Houston Project Management
2051466L40DL57/30/2020McCloy, MichaelAggie Toastmasters
9951O10VC18/18/2020McCown, PamelaDining Out Toastmasters Club
2521O13MS512/9/2020McCown, PamelaFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
1294652Q50IP52/4/2021McDearmon, Timothy RayHouston Galleria Project Management
3713711M30IP22/4/2021McKinney, Khrhysna LLiberated Toastmasters
3713711M30IP32/12/2021McKinney, Khrhysna LLiberated Toastmasters
4820345L43LD110/28/2020McLemore, CurtisMarket Street Toastmasters
2801067N25PM17/5/2020McMahon, Timothy P.Veritas Toastmasters
5509947N25EH37/23/2020McMahon, Timothy P.Cane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
5616089L42TC17/2/2020McNutt, Cate ChilesTHE Tomball Toastmasters
5831L41DL21/22/2021Medina, LuisSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
3897Q54IP13/18/2021Meinert, EileenPost Oak Toastmasters
3897Q54IP23/18/2021Meinert, EileenPost Oak Toastmasters
2854298N21LDREXC8/6/2020Menon, Sanjeet S.CITGO VOICE
2854298N21ALS8/11/2020Menon, Sanjeet S.CITGO VOICE
2854298N21DTM8/11/2020Menon, Sanjeet S.CITGO VOICE
6294M30PM57/1/2020Merla, EdwardSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30IP17/1/2020Merla, EdwardSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30IP27/1/2020Merla, EdwardSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30IP37/1/2020Merla, EdwardSugar Land Toastmasters
2892L41VC13/10/2021Mikhataykina, MariaFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
720404O15IP13/9/2021Miles, Cory JTalk is Cheap Toastmasters Club
2892L41DL110/14/2020Miller, Kay L.Frankly Speaking Toastmasters
4425936N26PM18/11/2020Mills, Lauren GilesStand and Deliver
4425936N26PM21/3/2021Mills, Lauren GilesStand and Deliver
2659L45VC18/3/2020MINETT, LOUSSAINT BEN1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
7755635O12IP111/9/2020Modelska, Maria Cougar Rhetoric
6659M31PI17/14/2020Mohamed, NohaUnity Toastmasters Club
826937O14DTM7/29/2020Monarch, Roy JeromeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14EH38/19/2020Monarch, Roy JeromeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14EH48/19/2020Monarch, Roy JeromeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14EH51/8/2021Monarch, Roy JeromeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14PWMENTORPGM2/23/2021Monarch, Roy JeromeWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
7011533R64DL17/7/2020Mondragon, Susana Mente Abierta
7011533R64DL29/23/2020Mondragon, Susana Mente Abierta
7011533R64DL312/18/2020Mondragon, Susana Mente Abierta
4040124M34VC18/20/2020Monge, Melissa SofiaSouthwest Project Management
6507686M30PM27/29/2020Montague Chandler, Debra Missouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM311/23/2020Montague Chandler, Debra Missouri City Toastmasters Club
2892L41DL18/26/2020Moore, Teague AlexanderFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41DL28/26/2020Moore, Teague AlexanderFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41DL38/26/2020Moore, Teague AlexanderFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
2892L41IP310/14/2020Moore, Troy DFrankly Speaking Toastmasters
6294M30DL47/1/2020Morales, AdamSugar Land Toastmasters
4040124M34IP38/20/2020Morales, Camille X.Southwest Project Management
1903819M34MS39/30/2020Morales, Camille X.Sweet Talkers
7455P5ALS7/13/2020Moran, Scot PatrickClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5DTM7/13/2020Moran, Scot PatrickClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5MS212/16/2020Morefield, EugeniaClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5MS312/16/2020Morefield, EugeniaClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5MS412/16/2020Morefield, EugeniaClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5MS512/16/2020Morefield, EugeniaClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5PI11/5/2021Morefield, EugeniaClear Lake Communicators Club
7455P5SR11/5/2021Moreno, MaraClear Lake Communicators Club
1507473O11DL111/19/2020Morisset, Iman ShabazzAmerican General Toastmasters
1526840P2SR19/22/2020Morris, Patrick JarrellPasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2SR210/13/2020Morris, Patrick JarrellPasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2SR32/23/2021Morris, Patrick JarrellPasadena Toastmasters
4154872P4MS28/29/2020Morrow, KimMid-Pearland Toastmasters
4154872P4MS39/29/2020Morrow, KimMid-Pearland Toastmasters
7380393O12PM310/19/2020Muhs, Emily Inclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
1175R60VC210/15/2020Mukes, Catherine LHP Houston Toastmasters Club
7696087Q52PM29/24/2020Murchison, Dedra Greenway Plaza Toastmasters
5157572N21IP11/5/2021Murray, AliciaTrue Blue Talkers
7755635O12PI18/12/2020Muscarello, Pamela JaneCougar Rhetoric
7755635O12PI29/4/2020Muscarello, Pamela JaneCougar Rhetoric
5769669N26IP212/18/2020Musselman, Jim AspenTech Houston Toastmasters
7677061R63EC211/4/2020Mustafa, DaurenWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
1620L40PM47/2/2020Namgyun, KimSilver Tongue Club
7610P4PM111/8/2020Nasrullah, RuthPearland Toastmasters Club
7610P4PM21/19/2021Nasrullah, RuthPearland Toastmasters Club
7610P4PM33/4/2021Nasrullah, RuthPearland Toastmasters Club
7677061R63DL17/14/2020Nathans, Todd PhilipWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
7677061R63DL29/22/2020Nathans, Todd PhilipWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
7677061R63DL17/7/2020Navarrete, Katarzyna CevallosWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
7677061R63DL210/2/2020Navarrete, Katarzyna CevallosWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
1530N20PI18/21/2020Neldushkina, Olga Talking Heads Club
9951O10EC18/26/2020Nelson, Jennifer M.Dining Out Toastmasters Club
7064169O12LD112/23/2020Nelson, Jennifer M.Pathway of Professional Speakers
7064169O12EC22/5/2021Nelson, Jennifer M.Pathway of Professional Speakers
1175R60IP111/17/2020Nelson, MelissaHP Houston Toastmasters Club
5616089L42IP17/1/2020Nero, Tanya L.THE Tomball Toastmasters
4323237R62PI19/4/2020Ness, John JacobMcDermott McToasters
4323237R62PI210/28/2020Ness, John JacobMcDermott McToasters
6721367O13IP411/7/2020Neubauer, Alyssa LynnCheniere Toastmasters Club
1526840P2DL18/1/2020Newcomb, Deandra L.Pasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2DL210/13/2020Newcomb, Deandra L.Pasadena Toastmasters
1526840P2DL31/19/2021Newcomb, Deandra L.Pasadena Toastmasters
8687L41EC13/8/2021Newman, Richard O.Deerwood Toastmasters Club
839R61PI47/19/2020Newton, ZachDaybreakers Toastmasters Club
5698Q54PM38/4/2020Neyhart, Erin IrisMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54PM411/24/2020Neyhart, Erin IrisMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
714164P5IP39/17/2020Nguyen, Cory H.Space Explorers Club
714164P5IP411/12/2020Nguyen, Cory H.Space Explorers Club
3922610R64DL18/19/2020Nguyen, LinhC & F Leaders Club
8894M31TC37/6/2020Nguyen, Nam H.TACL Club
8894M31EC27/6/2020Nguyen, Peggy Ming FengTACL Club
7272027P2IP111/5/2020Nguyen, Yen Nhi ThiCovestro Toastmasters Baytown
5698Q54SR11/16/2021Niezgoda, Priya AnneMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
9951O10MS17/5/2020Nino, DianeDining Out Toastmasters Club
5698Q54MS28/6/2020Nino, DianeMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
744705Q51MS311/6/2020Nino, DianeDance and Toast Masters Club
843538M32PM41/30/2021Nino, DianeStorytellers
6422Q50TC13/17/2021Nino, DianeAll Star Club
2505386Q52VC17/14/2020Nissen, AlisonSpeak Up Houston Toastmasters
2505386Q52VC27/14/2020Nissen, AlisonSpeak Up Houston Toastmasters
2505386Q52VC38/10/2020Nissen, AlisonSpeak Up Houston Toastmasters
2505386Q52IP58/14/2020Nissen, AlisonSpeak Up Houston Toastmasters
3922610R64PM11/18/2021Noe, BeckyC & F Leaders Club
4820345L43DL29/15/2020Nordheimer, Diane Market Street Toastmasters
7696087Q52LD37/12/2020Norris, Cherrise L.Greenway Plaza Toastmasters
7696087Q52LD411/22/2020Norris, Cherrise L.Greenway Plaza Toastmasters
2854298N21LD111/18/2020Nouis, Grisell CITGO VOICE
5769311Q51DL110/16/2020Novak, Catherine Leisa ElizabethA+ Toastmasters
5324194P6TC110/8/2020Nunn, Karen CYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
5324194P6VC27/22/2020Ogedegbe, Ann Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
6918L44PM17/1/2020Ogedegbe, Victoria OWoodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44PM22/13/2021Ogedegbe, Victoria OWoodlands Toastmasters Club
1903819M34SR110/4/2020Olufowobi, OlumideSweet Talkers
5337R63IP13/16/2021Ondrey, John L.Marathon Speaks! Club
6294M30VC111/11/2020O’Neale, GabrielSugar Land Toastmasters
4040124M34DL58/25/2020Oni, Akinlolu IsaacSouthwest Project Management
6721367O13PM112/28/2020Oni, Akinlolu IsaacCheniere Toastmasters Club
8937L43EH47/2/2020Orlando, Ashley HerrickSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43EH27/2/2020Orlando, Ashley HerrickSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43EH37/2/2020Orlando, Ashley HerrickSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43EH512/10/2020Orlando, Ashley HerrickSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
7677061R63PM210/19/2020Ortega, Katrina AnnWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
694851R64IP310/1/2020Ortiz, Luisa NataliPensadores de Houston
1294652Q50LD12/4/2021Oswald, Phillip B.Houston Galleria Project Management
1294652Q50LD22/4/2021Oswald, Phillip B.Houston Galleria Project Management
1294652Q50LD32/13/2021Oswald, Phillip B.Houston Galleria Project Management
5301M34DL11/25/2021Ouedraogo, AliceSugar Speakers Club
6294M30PM17/1/2020Owen, KathieSugar Land Toastmasters
484R61PM28/10/2020Owens, Sue N.Professionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
9951O10SR19/14/2020Ozen, SharlaDining Out Toastmasters Club
9951O10DTM9/14/2020Ozen, SharlaDining Out Toastmasters Club
1903819M34SR211/1/2020Ozen, SharlaSweet Talkers
1903819M34SR311/4/2020Ozen, SharlaSweet Talkers
1903819M34SR411/4/2020Ozen, SharlaSweet Talkers
1903819M34SR511/4/2020Ozen, SharlaSweet Talkers
843538M32PM111/8/2020Ozen, SharlaStorytellers
843538M32PM211/8/2020Ozen, SharlaStorytellers
9951O10PM311/17/2020Ozen, SharlaDining Out Toastmasters Club
3713711M30PM43/10/2021Ozen, SharlaLiberated Toastmasters
843538M32LD13/21/2021Ozen, SharlaStorytellers
694851R64PM110/28/2020Paez, Luis E.Pensadores de Houston
1489448L45LD13/31/2021Paine, Diana KayBig Red Toastmasters
1504555R61DL12/4/2021Palacharla, RachanaBlue Crew TM Club
2755N25LD38/21/2020Pandey, Vishnu KumarKaty Toastmasters Club
8609Q50TC29/18/2020Pandya, Pragna HSouth Main Speakers Club
2659L45IP18/3/2020PANNU, MANJIT1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
3922610R64MS17/31/2020Panthi, Mohina S.C & F Leaders Club
3922610R64MS29/12/2020Panthi, Mohina S.C & F Leaders Club
3922610R64DL511/12/2020Panthi, Mohina S.C & F Leaders Club
3922610R64MS311/12/2020Panthi, Mohina S.C & F Leaders Club
3922610R64MS41/15/2021Panthi, Mohina S.C & F Leaders Club
1294652Q50VC21/12/2021Papaioannou, Lina StavroulaHouston Galleria Project Management
1294652Q50VC31/12/2021Papaioannou, Lina StavroulaHouston Galleria Project Management
1294652Q50VC42/5/2021Papaioannou, Lina StavroulaHouston Galleria Project Management
621758P1PI310/29/2020Pappu, Venkata Krishna SaiDiamond Club
621758P1PI410/29/2020Pappu, Venkata Krishna SaiDiamond Club
2051466L40DL19/2/2020parajuli, SukriteeAggie Toastmasters
5831L41LD48/15/2020PARKER, KIM LYSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
5831L41LD58/23/2020PARKER, KIM LYSuccessfully Speaking Toastmasters Club
826937O14EC27/2/2020Patel, Amish B.Word Doctors Toastmasters Club
505O15EC32/1/2021Patel, Amish B.High Noon Club
484R61EC13/24/2021Patterson, Stacey MoniqueProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
7273792R61PM12/26/2021Pazda, DavidSan Felipe Plaza Toastmasters
5769311Q51IP22/23/2021Peltier, AlexisA+ Toastmasters
6043426R60MS210/19/2020Peña, Maria R.Pensadores Northwest
6043426R60MS310/19/2020Peña, Maria R.Pensadores Northwest
6043426R60EH13/31/2021Peña, Maria R.Pensadores Northwest
670075P3PM110/9/2020Pena, Stephanie UHCL Toastmasters
670075P3PM21/5/2021Pena, Stephanie UHCL Toastmasters
3041739N23PM111/30/2020Pendragon, Holly AnnBlue Frog Toastmasters Club
621758P1PM11/12/2021Peng, XinyueDiamond Club
1295052R61MS37/31/2020Perez, Marieli J.Health Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
8937L43IP212/10/2020Perrotto Zultowski, NicolleSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
7057481P5MS11/11/2021Peshek, Aaron BruceLeague City Toastmasters
3713711M30PM12/4/2021Peterson, Bonnie Liberated Toastmasters
5916R65TC111/17/2020Petrash, CindyCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
3402Q51IP112/7/2020Petty, DanielleUptown Club
2505386Q52MS58/9/2020Phillips, Jayson JamaalSpeak Up Houston Toastmasters
2505386Q52EH28/14/2020Phillips, Jayson JamaalSpeak Up Houston Toastmasters
4911L45DL12/24/2021Pineda, Lora A.Baker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
2521O13DL112/22/2020Pittman, Patrick BFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
7846R62MS37/22/2020Pohle, Karl M.Speakers Connection
621758P1DL412/14/2020Pollard, Maria Diamond Club
694851R64MS112/1/2020Preciado, AdrianaPensadores de Houston
7834039P3EC12/24/2021Preston, Qiana S.Hess Explorers Toastmasters
3614557P4VC13/19/2021Preston, Qiana S.West Pearland Toastmasters
2801067N25PM12/4/2021Price, JohnVeritas Toastmasters
5530P1IP38/29/2020Price, Meghan EBrazosport Club
5530P1IP48/29/2020Price, Meghan EBrazosport Club
4815729O11SR48/29/2020Price, TamaraFind Your Voice Toastmasters
7087679P2IP112/10/2020Puckett, Sarah ElizabethLaPorte Toastmasters
826937O14PM27/2/2020Qian, JunWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14PM38/19/2020Qian, JunWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
826937O14PM49/9/2020Qian, JunWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
694851R64PM58/18/2020Quevedo, JessicaPensadores de Houston
694851R64VC111/11/2020Quevedo, JessicaPensadores de Houston
2801067N25PM12/10/2021Quilizapa, MelissaVeritas Toastmasters
7380393O12LD111/17/2020Quillin, James Inclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
6918L44IP28/14/2020Radcliffe, Willard SplittstoesserWoodlands Toastmasters Club
7677061R63TC110/9/2020Rae, Rachael VernaWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
4911L45MS18/21/2020Ramos, MoniqueBaker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
4911L45MS28/21/2020Ramos, MoniqueBaker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
4911L45MS312/16/2020Ramos, MoniqueBaker Hughes Speakeasy Toastmasters
959307N25DL212/18/2020Rangel, Luis E.Wood Motivators Toastmasters Club
959307N25DL312/18/2020Rangel, Luis E.Wood Motivators Toastmasters Club
959307N25DL43/12/2021Rangel, Luis E.Wood Motivators Toastmasters Club
8937L43DL17/2/2020Rangera, RohitSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43DL27/2/2020Rangera, RohitSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43DL31/7/2021Rangera, RohitSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
1356O14DL110/1/2020Rehman, Atique UrChevron MCBU Toastmasters Club
4040124M34DL18/20/2020REITZEL, RUTHSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34DL22/24/2021REITZEL, RUTHSouthwest Project Management
8607Q52VC28/14/2020Rennie, Andy GordonTalking Bull Club
7677061R63PM29/15/2020Richard, Sarah BedellWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
5769311Q51TC212/3/2020Riley, Brett WilliamA+ Toastmasters
5769311Q51TC312/3/2020Riley, Brett WilliamA+ Toastmasters
2659L45TC18/3/2020Riley, Mark Anthony1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
4820345L43MS110/21/2020Roberts, RobMarket Street Toastmasters
7064169O12EC31/25/2021Roberts, Robin M.Pathway of Professional Speakers
1507473O11PM112/10/2020Robinson, WeakonAmerican General Toastmasters
2755N25PM210/5/2020Rockett, Troy CKaty Toastmasters Club
2755N25PM33/25/2021Rockett, Troy CKaty Toastmasters Club
6951688Q51SR17/21/2020Rodriguez, FrancisTimmons Talkers
484R61DL210/22/2020Rodriguez, MarcusProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
1504555R61PM12/4/2021Rohloff, BryantBlue Crew TM Club
5301M34MS412/19/2020Romaine, Keith D.Sugar Speakers Club
9511O13IP18/14/2020Roopani, JatinLunch Bunch Club
7011533R64IP18/20/2020Rosas, NormaMente Abierta
7011533R64IP211/15/2020Rosas, NormaMente Abierta
6043426R60DTM8/10/2020Rovira, Mariela ItzelPensadores Northwest
4040124M34DL48/20/2020Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34DL58/21/2020Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSouthwest Project Management
1903819M34PM110/12/2020Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSweet Talkers
4040124M34PM211/9/2020Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34PM31/9/2021Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34PM41/9/2021Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34PM51/9/2021Roy Chowdhury, AvishekSouthwest Project Management
8607Q52LD18/14/2020Roy, RoopTalking Bull Club
7696087Q52VC19/17/2020Ruiz, ElizabethGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
4908P3MS19/18/2020Ruiz, ElizabethBoeing Club
4908P3MS210/9/2020Ruiz, ElizabethBoeing Club
4908P3MS310/9/2020Ruiz, ElizabethBoeing Club
4908P3MS410/9/2020Ruiz, ElizabethBoeing Club
4908P3MS510/9/2020Ruiz, ElizabethBoeing Club
7696087Q52VC210/10/2020Ruiz, ElizabethGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
7696087Q52VC310/10/2020Ruiz, ElizabethGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
7696087Q52VC410/10/2020Ruiz, ElizabethGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
7696087Q52VC510/10/2020Ruiz, ElizabethGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
7057481P5LD110/13/2020Ruiz, ElizabethLeague City Toastmasters
7057481P5LD210/16/2020Ruiz, ElizabethLeague City Toastmasters
7057481P5LD310/23/2020Ruiz, ElizabethLeague City Toastmasters
7057481P5LD411/4/2020Ruiz, ElizabethLeague City Toastmasters
7057481P5LD511/9/2020Ruiz, ElizabethLeague City Toastmasters
798310P3TC11/15/2021Ruiz, ElizabethVNS Voices Toastmasters Club
798310P3TC21/22/2021Ruiz, ElizabethVNS Voices Toastmasters Club
798310P3TC31/31/2021Ruiz, ElizabethVNS Voices Toastmasters Club
670075P3EH12/4/2021Ruiz, ElizabethUHCL Toastmasters
798310P3TC42/20/2021Ruiz, ElizabethVNS Voices Toastmasters Club
798310P3TC52/20/2021Ruiz, ElizabethVNS Voices Toastmasters Club
839R61PM311/9/2020Russell, Shawn R.Daybreakers Toastmasters Club
6507686M30DL12/5/2021RUTHIRAPATHI, ARULMissouri City Toastmasters Club
4037R61LD112/17/2020Ruthven, Perry A.Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
4037R61LD212/17/2020Ruthven, Perry A.Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
4037R61LD312/17/2020Ruthven, Perry A.Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
5869951M34DL33/2/2021Saenz, JoshuaNalco Champion Toastmasters
6043426R60IP58/5/2020Salazar, Ana LuciaPensadores Northwest
5324194P6VC27/2/2020Salazar, Erica YvetteYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
5324194P6VC17/2/2020Salazar, Erica YvetteYoung Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
5698Q54MS48/20/2020Salazar, Georgina To’aMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54MS51/19/2021Salazar, Georgina To’aMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
2084Q51DL310/1/2020Salizi, CaimarMindspeak Club
3614557P4TC19/10/2020Samant, SandhyaWest Pearland Toastmasters
3614557P4TC23/11/2021Samant, SandhyaWest Pearland Toastmasters
694851R64IP18/6/2020Sanchez, CarlosPensadores de Houston
7087679P2PM110/20/2020Sanchez, KarinaLaPorte Toastmasters
8937L43PM17/14/2020Sandlin, Shirley A.Spring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
5301M34LD27/24/2020Santhanagopalan, Rangarajan Sugar Speakers Club
5769669N26EC110/5/2020Sarango-Muniz, ElenaAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
6294M30IP19/4/2020Savant, GautamSugar Land Toastmasters
5769669N26DL310/19/2020Sawyer, Valerie LeclercAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
5769669N26DL412/18/2020Sawyer, Valerie LeclercAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
2200M32DL12/27/2021Schafranek, Robert A.Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
5768M33MS12/11/2021Schmidtmann, EricWesthollow Club
2659L45VC18/3/2020SCOTT, KENNETH WAYNE1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
2659L45VC210/1/2020SCOTT, KENNETH WAYNE1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
7011533R64PI18/20/2020Segari, Maria AngelesMente Abierta
6918L44PM112/20/2020Seifert, Rick Woodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44PM212/20/2020Seifert, Rick Woodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44LD112/20/2020Seifert, Rick Woodlands Toastmasters Club
6918L44LD212/20/2020Seifert, Rick Woodlands Toastmasters Club
1489448L45PM11/5/2021Sepehri, JayBig Red Toastmasters
1489448L45PM21/5/2021Sepehri, JayBig Red Toastmasters
1489448L45PM32/10/2021Sepehri, JayBig Red Toastmasters
2051466L40DL27/8/2020Serna, Diego ArmandoAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40DL37/8/2020Serna, Diego ArmandoAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40DL47/12/2020Serna, Diego ArmandoAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40DL58/27/2020Serna, Diego ArmandoAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40TC13/2/2021Serna, Diego ArmandoAggie Toastmasters
7451614N23DL211/23/2020Servant, Guillaume MarcelPower Brokers
4425936N26SR48/28/2020Shah, Karika Stand and Deliver
4820345L43EC47/2/2020Shah, SeemaMarket Street Toastmasters
4820345L43EC57/2/2020Shah, SeemaMarket Street Toastmasters
621758P1VC19/8/2020Shah, Viraj KDiamond Club
7677061R63EC211/9/2020Shaner, Adam KeithWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
5698Q54PM17/7/2020Shapiro, Alyssa MarieMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
5698Q54PM212/2/2020Shapiro, Alyssa MarieMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
6294M30EC19/4/2020Sharpe, Myrna USugar Land Toastmasters
681292L42DL212/7/2020Shepard Jr, Mark AnthonyOutspoken Club
4570P1LD111/14/2020Sher-Kraft, Reina M.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1LD211/14/2020Sher-Kraft, Reina M.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1LD311/14/2020Sher-Kraft, Reina M.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1LD411/14/2020Sher-Kraft, Reina M.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
2051466L40PM18/6/2020Shilleh, Mahmood MustafaAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PM29/4/2020Shilleh, Mahmood MustafaAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PM39/24/2020Shilleh, Mahmood MustafaAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PM41/23/2021Shilleh, Mahmood MustafaAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PM53/2/2021Shilleh, Mahmood MustafaAggie Toastmasters
5324194P6TC38/5/2020Shipp, Zenia E.Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
7610P4PM48/19/2020Shipp, Zenia E.Pearland Toastmasters Club
4946L42PM111/4/2020Shiramizu, MikaExxonmobil Houston Campus Toastmasters Club
4946L42DL12/5/2021Shiramizu, MikaExxonmobil Houston Campus Toastmasters Club
4946L42PM22/5/2021Shiramizu, MikaExxonmobil Houston Campus Toastmasters Club
6596925N26PM111/13/2020Shirazi, ShahinPhillips 66 HQ Toastmasters Club
6596925N26PM211/13/2020Shirazi, ShahinPhillips 66 HQ Toastmasters Club
2801067N25IP17/9/2020Short, JimVeritas Toastmasters
5698Q54IP52/25/2021Shrestha, BinodMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
8937L43IP17/2/2020Siepmann-Davidson, StefanieSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
8937L43IP27/2/2020Siepmann-Davidson, StefanieSpring Ahead Speakers Toastmasters Club
4570P1IP18/13/2020Sieving, Jaimie MarieANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1IP28/13/2020Sieving, Jaimie MarieANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
8607Q52SR37/9/2020Simpson, JoTalking Bull Club
8607Q52SR48/14/2020Simpson, JoTalking Bull Club
8607Q52LD111/14/2020Simpson, JoTalking Bull Club
4425936N26IP18/11/2020Sinatra, NicholasStand and Deliver
7451614N23PM112/1/2020Sivaramakrishnan, Karthik L.Power Brokers
2659L45PI32/9/2021Smith, Akia1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
2659L45PI42/9/2021Smith, Akia1960 North Houston Toastmasters Club
505O15PM18/29/2020Smith, Jacob High Noon Club
1507473O11IP38/20/2020Smith, NorvellaAmerican General Toastmasters
1507473O11IP28/20/2020Smith, NorvellaAmerican General Toastmasters
5916R65PM111/17/2020Snow, Ronny JCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
1175R60LD210/28/2020Snowder, Eric W.HP Houston Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM39/25/2020Speed, Dorian MillerMissouri City Toastmasters Club
6507686M30PM42/12/2021Speed, Dorian MillerMissouri City Toastmasters Club
7087679P2TC112/2/2020Spencer, Danielle NicoleLaPorte Toastmasters
609083Q50IP13/12/2021Springer, BridgettDetermined To Master Speaking
6721367O13EH18/26/2020Srikanth, SujathaCheniere Toastmasters Club
7273792R61PM310/8/2020Srikkanth, MadhavanSan Felipe Plaza Toastmasters
7273792R61VC12/18/2021Srikkanth, MadhavanSan Felipe Plaza Toastmasters
2843L41VC28/7/2020Stengel, Kimberly A.Kingwood Toastmasters Club
2843L41EH18/18/2020Stengel, Kimberly A.Kingwood Toastmasters Club
2843L41PM48/18/2020Stengel, Kimberly A.Kingwood Toastmasters Club
2843L41EH28/18/2020Stengel, Kimberly A.Kingwood Toastmasters Club
1001993M31SR39/29/2020Stephens, ElizabethMaster Evaluators
6599P5MS13/31/2021Stetzel, DennisClear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters
5769669N26PI111/17/2020Stridiron, LauraAspenTech Houston Toastmasters
7273792R61PI12/27/2021Stuart, Leticia D.San Felipe Plaza Toastmasters
2801067N25IP110/4/2020Succorina, Daisy AlphonsoVeritas Toastmasters
1314186R65DTM7/16/2020Sullivan, Robert W.North Houston Project Management
4040124M34SR38/17/2020Sun, Jessica Southwest Project Management
4040124M34IP18/20/2020Sun, Jessica Southwest Project Management
4040124M34SR42/14/2021Sun, Jessica Southwest Project Management
5768M33IP11/27/2021Sun, VanessaWesthollow Club
720404O15IP12/2/2021Superdock, Heather N.Talk is Cheap Toastmasters Club
1171828R60VC511/15/2020Sutphen, RobVoice of Moses
7451614N23MS17/16/2020Syed, Azam MohivddinPower Brokers
7451614N23MS21/22/2021Syed, Azam MohivddinPower Brokers
484R61PM110/22/2020Takayama, Mark NobuakiProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
4946L42PI13/24/2021Tang, SheronExxonmobil Houston Campus Toastmasters Club
5869951M34IP19/22/2020Thomas, Angel DNalco Champion Toastmasters
484R61PM312/2/2020Thomas, BridgetteProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
484R61PM43/15/2021Thomas, BridgetteProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
744705Q51IP12/28/2021Thomen, Kimberly A.Dance and Toast Masters Club
484R61TC12/16/2021Tijani, BukolaProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
5144515L44IP11/30/2021Titterington, Jeanna AnnWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
484R61TC111/23/2020Tomlin, James RockwellProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
3922610R64VC212/9/2020Tomlin, James RockwellC & F Leaders Club
7755635O12VC112/7/2020Townsend, Shelley AnnCougar Rhetoric
2200M32PM110/15/2020Toy, Michael Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
2200M32PM210/15/2020Toy, Michael Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
2200M32PM310/28/2020Toy, Michael Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
2200M32PM41/10/2021Toy, Michael Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
2200M32PM52/27/2021Toy, Michael Southwest Speakers Toastmasters Club
842016N23IP412/17/2020Traylor, SamanthaHoneywell Toastmasters Club
842016N23IP51/21/2021Traylor, SamanthaHoneywell Toastmasters Club
7378O12LD111/13/2020Trevino, Trent DSeriously Speaking Toastmasters Club
7378O12PI13/22/2021Trevino, Trent DSeriously Speaking Toastmasters Club
6721367O13VC110/26/2020Triana, DaisyCheniere Toastmasters Club
6721367O13PM112/1/2020Truong, David CongCheniere Toastmasters Club
8687L41EH27/24/2020Turegano, FernandoDeerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41EH38/7/2020Turegano, FernandoDeerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41EH49/7/2020Turegano, FernandoDeerwood Toastmasters Club
8687L41EH53/8/2021Turegano, FernandoDeerwood Toastmasters Club
744683L44MS13/10/2021Turner, Regina C.Conroe Speaks Club
744683L44MS23/31/2021Turner, Regina C.Conroe Speaks Club
6659M31TC37/14/2020Ulaganathan, Suren Unity Toastmasters Club
2755N25DL37/11/2020Vaidyula, RohitKaty Toastmasters Club
2755N25DL411/6/2020Vaidyula, RohitKaty Toastmasters Club
684565L44PI18/25/2020Valencia, Joseph EaganTech Talk Club
5144515L44VC39/5/2020Valerdi Ramirez, TaniaWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
5144515L44VC43/9/2021Valerdi Ramirez, TaniaWoodlands Lakeside Toastmasters Club
4659373Q54VC17/3/2020Van Camp, Douglas RalphSpirited Speech Masters
4659373Q54VC210/26/2020Van Camp, Douglas RalphSpirited Speech Masters
1489448L45PM21/13/2021Van Sickel, KurtBig Red Toastmasters
1620L40PI27/3/2020Vanni, AlessandroSilver Tongue Club
684565L44PM12/4/2021Veera, VenkatTech Talk Club
5301M34SR33/30/2021Vega, Eduardo Sugar Speakers Club
714164P5PM29/3/2020Vega, Leticia MSpace Explorers Club
7696087Q52DL19/24/2020Verma, AmritaGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
7696087Q52DL29/25/2020Verma, AmritaGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
7696087Q52DL31/20/2021Verma, AmritaGreenway Plaza Toastmasters
484R61PM12/2/2021Verma, DurgeshProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
7677061R63LD211/10/2020Viswanathan Nair, DeepthiWeatherford Talks Toastmasters Club
4040124M34MS112/1/2020Vo, MinsonSouthwest Project Management
4040124M34MS21/14/2021Vo, MinsonSouthwest Project Management
799729N24IP112/5/2020von Burg, Paulus TheodorusMemorial City Toastmasters
799729N24DL212/5/2020von Burg, Paulus TheodorusMemorial City Toastmasters
5337R63EC27/2/2020Wales, StaceyMarathon Speaks! Club
5337R63EC39/24/2020Wales, StaceyMarathon Speaks! Club
5337R63EC49/24/2020Wales, StaceyMarathon Speaks! Club
4815729O11PM110/14/2020Walter, Kathryn L.Find Your Voice Toastmasters
4815729O11PM210/14/2020Walter, Kathryn L.Find Your Voice Toastmasters
843538M32VC38/5/2020Walton, AndreaStorytellers
6422Q50VC48/6/2020Walton, AndreaAll Star Club
8607Q52VC58/14/2020Walton, AndreaTalking Bull Club
843538M32MS111/14/2020Walton, AndreaStorytellers
5698Q54MS212/11/2020Walton, AndreaMedically Speaking Toastmasters Club
6422Q50MS312/12/2020Walton, AndreaAll Star Club
6422Q50MS41/9/2021Walton, AndreaAll Star Club
843538M32MS51/13/2021Walton, AndreaStorytellers
7380393O12PI310/19/2020Wang, Siyang Inclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
7380393O12PI412/21/2020Wang, Siyang Inclusive Voices Toastmasters Club
1903819M34MS110/15/2020Wang, YueSweet Talkers
1903819M34MS23/28/2021Wang, YueSweet Talkers
6043426R60IP11/12/2021Ward, MarissaPensadores Northwest
3897Q54VC11/19/2021Warren, Sheryle HelenePost Oak Toastmasters
3897Q54VC21/19/2021Warren, Sheryle HelenePost Oak Toastmasters
3897Q54VC31/19/2021Warren, Sheryle HelenePost Oak Toastmasters
3897Q54VC41/19/2021Warren, Sheryle HelenePost Oak Toastmasters
3897Q54VC51/19/2021Warren, Sheryle HelenePost Oak Toastmasters
1333539M32SR111/4/2020Warthen, Roxanne Marie MaldonadoInNOVators Toastmasters
5157572N21PM47/23/2020Webb, Brendon ThomasTrue Blue Talkers
5157572N21PM511/17/2020Webb, Brendon ThomasTrue Blue Talkers
4570P1PI18/13/2020Wehe, Thomas A.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
4570P1PI211/14/2020Wehe, Thomas A.ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club
3614557P4SR19/10/2020Wells, TeresaWest Pearland Toastmasters
3614557P4SR210/16/2020Wells, TeresaWest Pearland Toastmasters
681292L42VC38/11/2020Weygandt, DavidOutspoken Club
681292L42VC411/10/2020Weygandt, DavidOutspoken Club
7451614N23DL11/15/2021Whitehurst, Darlene B.Power Brokers
1182826P3DL27/2/2020Whitlock, David O.JETS Communicators
1182826P3DL33/22/2021Whitlock, David O.JETS Communicators
7846R62PM17/19/2020Wiggins, Jude B.Speakers Connection
3614557P4SR23/11/2021Wilkerson-Whitfield, Sierra West Pearland Toastmasters
3897Q54IP47/24/2020Williams, Charyse N.Post Oak Toastmasters
5941L40LD19/17/2020Wilton, Aaron Z.City of Bryan Club
5941L40LD21/7/2021Wilton, Aaron Z.City of Bryan Club
2051466L40PI211/5/2020Wissel-Littmann, Harrison GolayAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PI311/5/2020Wissel-Littmann, Harrison GolayAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40PI411/5/2020Wissel-Littmann, Harrison GolayAggie Toastmasters
7378O12VC111/13/2020Wong, Annie Seriously Speaking Toastmasters Club
7378O12VC211/13/2020Wong, Annie Seriously Speaking Toastmasters Club
1182826P3MS17/2/2020Wood, Timothy P.JETS Communicators
1182826P3MS212/3/2020Wood, Timothy P.JETS Communicators
484R61VC210/22/2020Wooten, James GregoryProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
484R61VC310/22/2020Wooten, James GregoryProfessionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters Club
2243M32PM211/4/2020Wooten, James GregorySharpstown Club
2243M32PM311/4/2020Wooten, James GregorySharpstown Club
2243M32PM411/4/2020Wooten, James GregorySharpstown Club
2243M32PM511/4/2020Wooten, James GregorySharpstown Club
6998O10LD29/19/2020Wooten, TylerTalk Of Downtown Club
2521O13PI112/28/2020Wright, JamieFirm Speakers Toastmasters Club
1696898O10DL48/18/2020Wu, Clint Capgeti Toasties
1295052R61DL21/8/2021Xi, YutaoHealth Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
1295052R61DL31/8/2021Xi, YutaoHealth Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters
4037R61IP412/16/2020Xu, Jie Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
4037R61IP512/16/2020Xu, Jie Texas Trotters Toastmasters Club
826937O14LD37/2/2020Xu, XueyaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
6294M30SR18/3/2020Yang, CeceSugar Land Toastmasters
6294M30SR212/19/2020Yang, CeceSugar Land Toastmasters
2755N25LD57/15/2020Yang, ShanKaty Toastmasters Club
8894M31VC17/6/2020Yeh, Phil Thih-LiangTACL Club
8894M31MS57/19/2020Yeh, Phil Thih-LiangTACL Club
2051466L40MS110/20/2020Yonay, KhenAggie Toastmasters
2051466L40MS23/25/2021Yonay, KhenAggie Toastmasters
681292L42DL48/10/2020Zafar, Syed Outspoken Club
826937O14IP311/18/2020Zambrano, Claudia EscamillaWord Doctors Toastmasters Club
3897Q54PM112/15/2020Zamecki, Richard Post Oak Toastmasters
959307N25PI112/13/2020Zhang, HunterWood Motivators Toastmasters Club
6294M30PM18/19/2020Zhang, LinanSugar Land Toastmasters
5916R65TC11/27/2021Zhou, JanCy-Fair Super Speakers Club
5916R65TC22/1/2021Zhou, Jan Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club
1530N20DL28/6/2020Zhu, Ling Talking Heads Club
1530N20DL38/6/2020Zhu, Ling Talking Heads Club
1530N20DL48/6/2020Zhu, Ling Talking Heads Club
5157572N21IP111/16/2020Zuppardo, Chia True Blue Talkers
MemberCountAwardMonth First Earned
Abdon, Cynthia Stephanie4LDREXC , IP1 , ALS , DTMSeptember
Adams, Nicole3PI4 , SR1 , SR2February
Aina, Titi 4IP5 , VC1 , VC3 , VC2December
Alferez, Isabel Garcia3IP4 , IP5 , SR1March
Alvarado-Rivera, Adriana5PM3 , PM1 , PM2 , PM4 , PM5October
Atandeyi, Omobayode Gbenga5LDREXC , DTM , DL2 , DL3 , ALSOctober
Barnett, Jonetta3IP3 , IP1 , IP2February
Bassir, Feyisayo E.4DL1 , DL2 , IP5 , IP4September
Bell, David B.3EC1 , TC1 , EC2December
Bell, Jaclyn Erin3EC1 , MS1 , EC2February
Benvie, Jim3VC3 , VC4 , VC2August
Betancourt, Jose A.3PM1 , MS5 , PM2November
Betancourt, Veronica3MS3 , MS2 , DTMMarch
Biggs, Kent E.4VC2 , PI3 , VC1 , PI4December
Blaskowsky, Douglas W.4LD1 , LD2 , LD3 , LD4September
Bosell, Jo Ann3PM5 , PM3 , PM4November
Boyd, Sally A.8VC3 , MS2 , VC4 , MS1 , EH2 , PM4 , PM3 , EH1September
Bradford, Cheryl3PM4 , PM5 , EH1February
Brandley, Cassie10IP1 , IP2 , IP3 , IP4 , IP5 , DL4 , DL5 , DL3 , DL1 , DL2October
Bridwell, Amy E.6PM3 , PM4 , PM5 , EH2 , PM1 , PM2March
Brooks, Doris V.3PM1 , IP1 , IP2February
Bui, Tom4DL2 , DL1 , DL4 , DL3December
Burgess~Buckberg, Charlene3MS3 , MS2 , MS1November
Caban, Linda G.3DL1 , EC1 , EC2February
Caraway, Carol D.3DL1 , VC1 , DL2March
Carmichael, Carolyn3EH1 , PM4 , PM5February
Carmona, Angel 3IP3 , IP2 , IP1October
Castellanos, Daniel 3LDREXC , ALS , DTMMarch
Chang, Kevin Ray3LD3 , PI1 , LD4November
Chen, Jack3PM3 , PM1 , PM2March
Cipolla, Julie Terese4SR4 , SR3 , SR5 , SR2March
Clay, Deirdre Lynn4EC2 , EC3 , EC4 , EC1October
Clayton, Catharine3IP4 , PM1 , IP5August
Cloud, Emily 3IP3 , IP4 , IP5November
Collins, Kathleen4PM3 , PM2 , PM1 , PWMENTORPGMJanuary
Coon, Jon5EC1 , EC2 , MS3 , MS4 , MS5November
Cosby, Audrey3PM1 , PM2 , PM3March
Davis, Jeff R3PM2 , PM3 , PM1March
Dibrell, Lauri B.3IP2 , IP3 , IP4November
Doshi, Pooja3DL2 , DL3 , DL4October
Drugovich, Giorgio A.3LD3 , LD2 , LD4December
Dunn, Paula L.4IP3 , IP4 , IP1 , IP2March
Fields, Becky 3PM2 , PM3 , PM4November
Florez, Javier11PWMENTORPGM , EH4 , PI5 , SR4 , EH5 , SR1 , VC1 , SR2 , SR3 , ALS , DTMNovember
Freeman, Sonja Elise5PM4 , PM5 , PM2 , PM3 , PM1March
Garner, Tamesia Lucille8SR3 , SR5 , EC2 , EC1 , SR4 , LD2 , LD1 , LD3September
Gist, Billie4LD1 , LD2 , LD3 , LD4September
Gonzalez, Jorge Luis5PI3 , SR3 , PI4 , SR2 , SR1August
Gonzalez, Kimberly Egan6PM5 , PM1 , PM2 , PM3 , PM4 , SR1July
Goradia, Marie3EH4 , EH3 , EH5September
Hatton, Courtni3LD4 , LD2 , LD3October
Hayes, Yvette E.7EC4 , TC4 , TC2 , TC3 , EC1 , EC2 , EC3February
Hernandez, Sara Esther3IP3 , IP2 , IP4January
Hightower, Leotis3LD1 , LD2 , LD3February
Horace, LaLover5PM5 , PM1 , PM2 , PM3 , PM4February
Hoskens, Russell Gene8SR1 , PM3 , PM4 , MS2 , MS4 , MS5 , PM5 , MS3September
Hsu, Sherry S.3TC1 , TC2 , TC3November
Hudgens, Marcia4ALS , DTM , LDREXC , DL1August
Hudson-Jenkins, Dorothy5MS1 , PM3 , PM1 , PM2 , PM4December
Huff, Loni Therese3IP2 , IP3 , IP4October
Inyang, Charles Bassey3PM3 , PM1 , PM2March
Jackson, Jerome3IP1 , IP2 , IP3November
Jackson, Karen4VC1 , EH1 , SR4 , SR5September
Jatko, Brent3MS3 , PM1 , MS4March
Johnson, Robert M.4EH3 , EH2 , EH5 , EH4December
Jones, Stephen W.4MS3 , MS4 , MS5 , EC1November
Kest, Kathryn Rosinbaum6EC4 , EC5 , MS1 , PI1 , EC2 , EC3March
King, Curtis 3DL3 , DL2 , DL4November
Kulkarni, Anand3DTM , LDREXC , ALSJuly
Kummins, Richard3LD1 , LD2 , LD3December
Lajfar, Abderrahim3IP3 , IP1 , IP2September
Lee, Cecilia8EH3 , EH1 , EH2 , EH4 , DL4 , DL3 , EH5 , DL5September
Lee, Kyungsun3IP2 , IP3 , IP1March
Levine, Ronald M.5VC3 , LDREXC , VC4 , ALS , DTMFebruary
Lover, Gail E.3IP2 , DL3 , DL4October
Martin, Andrea4EC1 , EC2 , EC3 , EC4July
Menon, Sanjeet S.3ALS , DTM , LDREXCAugust
Merla, Edward4IP3 , PM5 , IP1 , IP2July
Monarch, Roy Jerome5EH3 , EH4 , PWMENTORPGM , DTM , EH5August
Mondragon, Susana 4DL1 , DL4 , DL2 , DL3December
Moore, Teague Alexander3DL1 , DL2 , DL3August
Morefield, Eugenia5MS2 , MS3 , MS4 , MS5 , PI1December
Morris, Patrick Jarrell3SR3 , SR1 , SR2February
Nasrullah, Ruth3PM3 , PM1 , PM2March
Nelson, Jennifer M.3EC2 , EC1 , LD1February
Newcomb, Deandra L.3DL2 , DL1 , DL3January
Neyhart, Erin Iris3PM5 , PM3 , PM4March
Nino, Diane5MS2 , MS3 , PM4 , TC1 , MS1November
Nissen, Alison4IP5 , VC3 , VC1 , VC2August
Oni, Akinlolu Isaac3PM2 , PM1 , DL5March
Orlando, Ashley Herrick4EH2 , EH3 , EH4 , EH5July
Oswald, Phillip B.3LD3 , LD2 , LD1February
Ozen, Sharla11PM4 , SR1 , DTM , PM3 , LD1 , SR3 , SR4 , SR5 , PM1 , PM2 , SR2October
Panthi, Mohina S.5MS2 , MS1 , DL5 , MS3 , MS4November
Papaioannou, Lina Stavroula3VC2 , VC3 , VC4February
Peña, Maria R.3MS2 , MS3 , EH1March
Pena, Stephanie 3PM1 , PM3 , PM2March
Qian, Jun3PM2 , PM3 , PM4September
Ramos, Monique3MS1 , MS2 , MS3December
Rangel, Luis E.3DL2 , DL3 , DL4March
Rangera, Rohit3DL1 , DL2 , DL3January
Roy Chowdhury, Avishek7DL4 , DL5 , PM1 , PM2 , PM3 , PM4 , PM5October
Ruiz, Elizabeth21MS2 , MS3 , MS4 , MS5 , TC1 , TC3 , VC1 , LD3 , LD4 , VC2 , VC3 , VC4 , VC5 , MS1 , TC4 ,TC5 , LD5, EH1 , LD2 , LD1 , TC2October
Ruthven, Perry A.3LD1 , LD2 , LD3December
Seifert, Rick 4PM1 , PM2 , LD1 , LD2December
Sepehri, Jay3PM3 , PM1 , PM2February
Serna, Diego Armando4DL4 , DL5 , DL2 , DL3July
Sher-Kraft, Reina M.4LD1 , LD2 , LD3 , LD4November
Shilleh, Mahmood Mustafa5PM3 , PM1 , PM2 , PM5 , PM4September
Shiramizu, Mika3PM1 , DL1 , PM2February
Simpson, Jo3SR3 , LD1 , SR4November
Stengel, Kimberly A.4VC2 , EH1 , PM4 , EH2August
Sun, Jessica 3IP1 , SR3 , SR4February
Toy, Michael 5PM3 , PM5 , PM1 , PM2 , PM4October
Turegano, Fernando4EH3 , EH5 , EH2 , EH4September
Verma, Amrita3DL3 , DL2 , DL1January
Wales, Stacey3EC3 , EC4 , EC2September
Walton, Andrea8VC4 , VC3 , MS4 , MS1 , VC5 , MS5 , MS3 , MS2August
Warren, Sheryle Helene5VC1 , VC2 , VC3 , VC4 , VC5January
Wilkes, Jamie Mishaun3LDREXC , ALS , DTMDecember
Wissel-Littmann, Harrison Golay3PI2 , PI3 , PI4November
Wood, Timothy P.3MS1 , MS3 , MS2March
Wooten, James Gregory7VC4 , VC2 , VC3 , PM2 , PM3 , PM4 , PM5November
Zhu, Ling3DL2 , DL3 , DL4August


Trained club officers result in more satisfied members, more exciting club meetings, more new members, more Distinguished Clubs and more Distinguished Districts.



Well-trained Area and Division Directors lead to successful teams, enhanced club quality, quality speech contest, distinguished clubs, and more.



Providing training to our Club Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches ensures they have the knowledge and resources necessary to be successful.