Posted August 27, 2023
Leadership Matters
Group of people sitting at a table talking with each other and one person standing up
By Andrea Tantillo, DTM

Leadership is a critical skill that can be honed in Toastmasters and the workplace. If you are looking to take charge in a Toastmasters club, volunteer for District service, or inspire your team at work, being a good leader is built on certain strategies and continuous growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips to help you become a successful leader.
Communications is Key
To be a good leader you must be an effective communicator. Be clear, concise, and transparent when sharing information with your team. And don’t be afraid to share information more than once to make sure everyone has a chance to receive it. Giving information is just half of communications; receiving information is the other half. Listen to your team’s ideas and suggestions and foster collaboration. You can grow your communications skills in Toastmasters by practicing public speaking, learning to give constructive evaluations and feedback, and encouraging and empowering others around you to excel on their paths too.

Set a Good Example
One of the best ways to inspire others is leading by example. How many times have you looked at someone and thought to yourself “I want to be just like her,” because she was giving orders and intimidating people? Probably not many. But maybe you are more interested in “being just like” the leader who is genuinely interested in their colleagues’ interests, goals, and development and are modeling the good attitude they hope to see in others. You can work on developing this skill in Toastmasters by engaging in meetings, taking on roles, working on Pathways projects, volunteering for leadership or committee membership roles, and attending trainings. 

Give Everyone a Chance
Good leaders foster positive and inclusive environments by encouraging diversity of thought, respecting differences, and finding opportunities for everyone to contribute. In a collaborative workplace, people feel comfortable sharing their ideas. In Toastmasters, you can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and participate at whatever level interests them. You can do this by delegating responsibilities, mentoring new members and other leaders, offering suggestions on speech development or other projects, and finding other ways to support them in identifying and reaching their goals.

Always Keep Learning
Leadership is about the journey, not the destination. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn and change. In the workplace, it’s crucial to stay informed of industry trends and common to seek out professional development opportunities. In Toastmasters, there are many learning opportunities at the club, district, regional, and international levels. Explore those opportunities, engage in the educational programs, and talk to other people to gain new perspectives.

In conclusion, being a good leader requires dedication and a commitment to personal growth. By implementing effective communication, leading by example, fostering an inclusive, positive environment, and embracing continuous learning, you can excel in Toastmasters and beyond. Remember, leading is not telling people what do to and where to go, but rather helping them find the path and walking with them as far as you can. So embrace your leadership journey and get ready to inspire your team.


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