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tue29aug6:30 pm8:45 pmFeaturedVirtual EventRound 1 Club Officer Training (COT) #7 of 7For Incoming and Aspiring Club Leaders6:30 pm - 8:45 pm Event Organized By: Elizabeth Ruiz, DTM, 2023-2024 Program Quality Director Event TagsBuilding on Achievement for Continued Success,Club Officer Training,COT,Education,Program Quality,training

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Welcome Club Officers and Aspiring Club Leaders!

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Did you know a trained club officer can result in more satisfied members, exciting club meetings, and new members?

The Program Quality TEAM is excited to provide incoming and aspiring club leaders with convenient, quality club officer training that provides value to members.

  • Open to all members!
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  • Join us and learn leadership skills and more…

Club officers and aspiring club leaders, before joining us for training, we are giving you the tools to begin the year with confidence and competence!

The following items should be reviewed before attending Club Officer Training.


6:30 PM 6:35 PM Main Room Check In
6:40 PM 7:40 PM Main Room Building on Achievement for Continued Success
7:40 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room Club President Training
7:40 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room VPE Training
7:40 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room VPM Training
7:40 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room VPPR Training
7:40 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room Treasurer Training
7:40 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room Secretary Training
740 PM 8:40 PM Breakout Room SAA Training
8:40 PM 8:45 PM Main Room Survey and Checkout for Credit
Note: In order for Club Officers to earn credit for their DCP goal or DTM award, log in no later than 6:35 PM, and log out no earlier than 8:45 PM

Thank you for registering. We are looking forward to seeing you. -The PQD TEAM!


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(Tuesday) 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm


Elizabeth Ruiz, DTM, 2023-2024 Program Quality DirectorHonored to serve as your Program Quality Director (PQD)! The Program Quality Team will leave no Toastmaster behind. For example, we have planned new member orientations, club officer information sessions for aspiring club leaders to help all clubs have 7 club officers at all times, Pathways training and enrollment for Toastmasters who are not enrolled, speech contest and functionary training well before the season begins to help all clubs plan, prepare and lead a successful and fun club contest, and form a full pipeline of trained speech contest functionaries. The Program Quality Team will include all Toastmasters in recognitions earned; no Toastmaster will be left behind. As the PQD, I am responsible for all aspects of education and training within the District. This includes supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program, and planning and executing the District conference. Education Goals: I promote all members in achieving education awards and recognizing those achievements. I oversee and promote training for club, area, and division officers. Training Programs: I plan, organize, and direct the district's training programs. District Conference: I am responsible for all aspects of the district conference. I plan, organize and direct the event. Speech Contests: I coordinate and supervise the International Speech Contest at the district level and facilitate a smooth flow of information at speech contests. This is the year to elevate a strong foundation of quality clubs! The PQD Team will help every club meet its educational goals and become a Distinguished quality club. Ready for some FUN? Register now on the District calendar for our fun and exciting events and training in the 2023-2024 year.

Speakers for this event

  • Becky Fields, COT Team

    Becky Fields, COT Team

    Secretary Trainer

    Becky has been in Toastmasters for five years and completed three Pathways. She has served as President, VPPR, and her favorite role, Secretary, for the past two years. Becky served as the M-32 area director in 2022-23 and is hoping to complete her DTM by next year.

    Secretary Trainer

  • Cynthia Abdon, DTM, Club Officer Training Team

    Cynthia Abdon, DTM, Club Officer Training Team

    Club President Trainer

    Cynthia Stephanie Abdon, DTM, is a long-time Toastmaster. Outside of Toastmasters, she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA). She was a business strategy consultant, project manager, intelligence analyst, and tax advisor in companies belonging to engineering, high- tech, oil and gas, and oilfield services. She is currently concentrating on international VAT taxes. In Toastmasters, her past district roles included: Toastmasters Pathways Ambassador, Public Relations Officer, TLI Chair, Realignment Chair, and other district chair roles. She was a Past Distinguished Area Governor and Past President’s Distinguished Division M Governor --“Division Governor of the Year Awardee 2013-2014”. In recent years, she served as District 56 Speechcraft Chair and Club Officer Trainer. She currently serves as Area R64 Director and a Club Officer Trainer. She is currently a member of three clubs: Deerwood Toastmasters, Master Evaluators (where she was Past President), and her home club, C&F (Current and Future) Leaders Club, an advanced President’s Distinguished Club (9 years in a row since inception), which she founded and sponsored in 2014, calling it “The Leaders’ Ship. She created the One-Day-5-Hour Speechcraft and the C&F Valentine and Fall DTM-a-Thons that served both her club (C&F), and other clubs for seven years, contributing at least 10 DTMs per year to District 56. Beliefs: She strongly believes in Toastmaster's values of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence. Passion: Help other Toastmasters as a District 56 Trainer using the prescribed training materials and sharing years of experience as a leader and Toastmaster.

    Club President Trainer

  • Fatimar Jones, DTM

    Fatimar Jones, DTM

    2023 District Fall Education Summit Co-Chair

    Fatimar Jones is a Distinguished Toastmaster, Division P Director for the 2022-2023 term, and Chairperson of the 2023 District 56 Speech Contests. She is honored to serve as the District 56 Program Quality Training Chair. Fatimar's commitment to Toastmasters is further evident through her active membership in six clubs, where she has held all club officer roles. Fatimar worked in the oil and gas industry for 40 years and retired as a project advisor in 2020. Her expertise in this field shaped her leadership style and ability to inspire others. Family holds a special place in Fatimar's life. She is happily married to Adrian Jones and is the proud mother of four adult sons. With seven grandchildren, she cherishes the joys of family life and the opportunity to pass on her wisdom and values to the next generation. Fatimar indulges in her love for reading in her spare time and stays active in her community through volunteering. Her commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact on society is truly commendable. Please join me in welcoming Fatimar Jones, an individual who embodies the spirit of leadership, communication, and service.

    2023 District Fall Education Summit Co-Chair

  • Harold Eaton, DTM, Club Officer Training Team

    Harold Eaton, DTM, Club Officer Training Team

    Treasurer Trainer

    Harold joined Toastmasters for the first time in 1982 with Nooners Toastmasters in Greenway Plaza. After 32 years busy with work and family, he came back to Toastmasters with Houston Galleria Project Management Toastmasters in 2014 and has also joined Health Wealth and Happiness Toastmasters. Harold is an engineer who moved to IT in the mid-'80s when personal computers were introduced. Harold says he has repeatedly found the benefits of connections with others based on communication.

    Treasurer Trainer

  • Jocelyn Williams, DTM, CGD, COT Team

    Jocelyn Williams, DTM, CGD, COT Team

    CGD Awards & Recognition

    Jocelyn V. Williams, DTM: Jocelyn is honored to serve as the 2023-2024 Club Growth Director and is excited to join others in “Engaging the CORE of Toastmasters in District 56!” When Jocelyn joined Toastmasters in 2003, her focus was on her skills development. She quickly expanded her focus to helping others achieve their communication and leadership goals. Jocelyn has served in multiple club officer roles: President, VPE, VPM, VPPR, Secretary, Treasurer, and SAA. At the District-level, Jocelyn has also served as an Area and Division leader. In Club Growth, she has served as a Club Coach, Club Sponsor, Club Mentor, Retention Co-Chair - Community Clubs, and Club Mentor Facilitator. She enjoys helping training participants experience “aha moments” and preparing them to serve in their roles confidently. Jocelyn was Select Distinguished Area N20 Governor 2004-2005, President's Distinguished Division N Governor 2005-2006, and Division Governor of the Year 2005-2006.

    CGD Awards & Recognition

  • Mark Vine, COT Team

    Mark Vine, COT Team

    VPE Trainer

    I joined Deerwood Toastmasters in 2021 and I have not looked back since. During my short time with the club, I have served as SSA, VPE and I am now the President elect for this coming year for which I very excited. I cannot believe the progress in have made during this time, Toastmasters has provided me with a safe space not only in terms of structuring and making speeches, but also improved my listening and feedback skills; all of which are very important to becoming an effective leader and communicator. TM has also been a fantastic opportunity to broaden my network outside of my usual circle of personal/professional friends/colleagues and make a bunch of new ‘mates’ through the club and getting involved with other district activities - everyone's super friendly and welcoming!

    VPE Trainer

  • Mary Craney, DTM, COT Team

    Mary Craney, DTM, COT Team

    SAA Trainer

    Mary Craney is a Distinguished Toastmaster working on her second DTM. Mary is a Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams Memorial.

    SAA Trainer

  • Mey Carrizal, COT Team

    Mey Carrizal, COT Team

    VPM Trainer

    Mey Lay Carrizal: Toastmaster since 2018. Offices Held: VP of Membership 2018, VP of Education 2019, President 2020. Contests: International Speech Contest – 2021, District 56, Area O14 – First Place, District 56, Division O – Second Place. Why Toastmasters? I enjoy being a Toastmaster because I can improve my communication, public speaking, and leadership skills in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Toastmasters has helped me better myself and my career while, at the same time, I am having fun, networking, and developing lasting relationships.

    VPM Trainer

  • PQD Training TEAM

    PQD Training TEAM

    Club Contest Training

    Club Contest Training

  • Roop Roy, DTM, Club Retention Chair, and COT Tech Team

    Roop Roy, DTM, Club Retention Chair, and COT Tech Team

    Tall Tales Speech Contest Chair

    Roop Roy, DTM, has been a Toastmaster for ten years and considers himself a Toastmaster for life. He has served in every club officer position and has been Area and Division Director. He is serving as the District 56 Club Retention Chair this year.

    Tall Tales Speech Contest Chair


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