Creating Buzz: Marketing Monday

Join us 12/12/2022 to learn how to create neurological buzz – a fun, research-backed method to create value and motivation in your club.

The GLUE that Holds a Club Together

Be sure to join us on December 5 for a special Marketing Monday presentation by Jan Poscovsky, DTM3, Past Distinguished District Governor entitled, “The GLUE that Holds a Club Together.”

Don’t Miss Marketing Mondays!

Marketing Mondays offer free micro club marketing sessions to help you with club growth and member retention. Kathy Kest leads our next session on Monday, November 28, 2022, from 8 PM to 8:30 PM.

Two NEW Club Growth Incentives!

Two fun contests with incentives to help clubs use the marketing tips learned in Marketing Mondays to increase club growth, plus links to helpful tips and resources.

Marketing Mondays

Each Monday, the District 56 Club Growth Director and Team facilitate a different micro-marketing session to help Toastmasters clubs increase attendance, retain members, and build membership. Register now!


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