Cynthia Abdon, DTM, Club Officer Training Team

Cynthia Stephanie Abdon, DTM, is a long-time Toastmaster.
Outside of Toastmasters, she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA). She was a business strategy consultant, project manager, intelligence analyst, and tax advisor in companies belonging to engineering, high-
tech, oil and gas, and oilfield services. She is currently concentrating on international VAT taxes.
In Toastmasters, her past district roles included: Toastmasters Pathways Ambassador, Public Relations Officer, TLI Chair, Realignment Chair, and other district chair roles. She was a Past Distinguished Area Governor and Past President’s Distinguished Division M Governor –“Division Governor of the Year Awardee 2013-2014”. In recent years, she served as District
56 Speechcraft Chair and Club Officer Trainer.
She currently serves as Area R64 Director and a Club Officer Trainer. She is currently a member of three clubs: Deerwood Toastmasters, Master Evaluators (where she was Past President), and her home club, C&F (Current and Future) Leaders Club, an advanced President’s Distinguished Club (9 years in a row since inception), which she founded and sponsored in 2014, calling it “The Leaders’ Ship. She created the One-Day-5-Hour
Speechcraft and the C&F Valentine and Fall DTM-a-Thons that served both her club (C&F), and other clubs for seven years, contributing at least 10 DTMs per year to District 56.
Beliefs: She strongly believes in Toastmaster’s values of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence.
Passion: Help other Toastmasters as a District 56 Trainer using the prescribed training materials and sharing years of experience as a leader and Toastmaster.

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